Deities & Demigods, Episode 1: The Prince Who Was Prophesied

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Deities & Demigods, Episode 1: The Prince Who Was Prophesied

Postby Scarik » Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:12 pm

In the Kingdom of Riverne's capitol, the city of Ynarin, a grand, mortal spectacle is underway. Typically the gods have little interest in such things unless they are major festivals in their honor. Mortals have so many festivals and hold so many days sacred for rites that most of them pass unnoticed by the divine personages and are left to the hosts of angels and other servants to attend. Besides, the investiture of divine power into the priesthoods is available for them to solve their own issues most of the time.

Of course this is not a typical event, or it would not merit discussion. No, this is the grand presentation of the heir to the throne of Riverne by the royal parents to the gods. It takes place some months after the birth to give the astrologers, magicians, priests and diviners time to scour the heavens and other omens for signs of divine interest for both good and ill. And because even among the most powerful the death of an infant is possible, so it is best to wait until the child shows signs of good health.

And it so happens that this event falls on the most important of Rivernen holidays. Founding is a festival that lasts three days most years up to ten depending on a series of arcane observations and calendar references better left to wizards to ponder. This year is of course a ten day year and so quite auspicious indeed.

Focus is currently on the Royal Persons of King Lyushan and Queen Bohitra. They walk at the head of a large procession of courtiers, guards and servants, the king in his panoply edged in gold, the queen in silk and silvercloth carrying the infant prince. They exit the palace to the sound of a hundred horns and make way to the royal docks where a gilded barge waits to carry them across the Great River to the Grand Temples. Trumpets announce their safe landing and the procession begins its way up the marble stairs with pages tossing copper coins and servants throwing candies to the thronging crowds who have come to see the newborn prince.

It takes a thousand guards to hold open a clear space for the Royals to ascend. At the top of the stairs is the Temple Plaza where the crowd is no less numerous but orders greater in wealth and status. The guards are no longer armored pikemen but now a hundred knights in shining plate. Clarions sound and the party advances across the open Plaza to stand at the juncture where stones of the three great temples meet.

In front of them is the Grand Temple of the Most High, more commonly called the Royal Temple. It is dedicated to the rulers of the gods and the god of rulers; Ydur, Ynara and Kalbatu. On its steps stands its ranking clergy in the center flanked by paladins. The four orders who serve this temple are that of the Royal Triad as well as the three orders devoted to each of the three deities individually.

On their right is the Grand Temple of the Patrons, called the City Temple devoted to the gods who created civilization in this very spot through cooperation, planning and abundance: Matsus, Lbonat and Athys. It too is served by four orders of priests.

To the left of the party is the Great Hall of the Divine, the only building in the country dedicated to all of the gods and containing shrines to each. Unlike the Royal and City Temples it is just called the Great Hall most times, and it is served by only one order of priests; the Order of the Multitude.

A thousand drummers beat a thousand drums and one hundred cymbalists clash two hundred cymbals while once more horns thunder across the city.

King Lyushan and Queen Bohitra come forward to the beckoning of the High Pontiff and kneel before the chief priest. The crowd ripples as everyone behind the royals also kneels save those ambassadors from the Elves who give but the slightest of nods and the Dwarves who hammer their fists against their breastplates and stomp their feet. The priests in front of the royals bow low with their hands raised above their heads as if making an offering.

The queen hands the child to the High Pontiff and the priest takes him and carries him several steps up a dais, strips him of his blanket and holds him high before the temples. The Pontiff turns first to the City Temple then the Great Hall and back to the Royal Temple. From this one spot it is possible to turn your head and see the alcoves and altars of every one of the gods and triads.

People fairly leap back to their feet. The cheering is thunderous and the drums, cymbals and clarions can't even compete with the sheer volume of mortals. Its like Who Christmas.

Eventually the High Pontiff is done lofting an infant about and returns him to his mother and so begin the many and varied rites to petition, placate and generally try and bribe the gods for the benefit of what are already the most powerful mortals alive.
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