Changes to CASS take place now, new rules inside.

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Changes to CASS take place now, new rules inside.

Postby Tesseracts » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:45 am

Like I said in this thread, CASS will have some new rules now. I deleted Loud Noises, and I'm posting this, so now it's official.

If you break the rules of CASS you will lose the ability to post in CASS. These rules don't apply to the forum at large so breaking them will not impact your standing on TCS.

Rule 1 - Be respectful, courteous, and civil towards one another. Hostility, derision, snark, sarcasm, name-calling, inflammatory statements, and general rudeness towards other users will not be permitted. You're free to disagree and argue, but stay civil and focus on the argument, not on the person making it. If a topic is highly personal or emotional to you, it is YOUR responsibility to control yourself and your actions; if you can't then step out of those threads.

Rule 2 - Keep thread titles neutral and non-inflammatory. Keep the OP neutral and use it to set the tone of the discussion. You can give your own opinion on the issue separately, whether it is in a second post or clearly separated out at the end of the first post.

Rule 3 - Don't dump links. Set the tone for the discussion, tell us about the link, give us your thoughts on the issue. You don't need to write an essay for every post, but you should contribute to the discussion.

Rule 4 - Try to back up your statements with reputable sources (within reason; you don't need to source everything but stating "the majority of women prefer Captain Kirk" should be backed up if you want to be taken seriously). If you make a claim then the onus is on you to prove it.

Rule 5 - Stay on topic, if you have something else to discuss then start a new thread.

Rule 6 - If a thread turns sour we will lock it. If a thread starts to go in circles we will lock it. These are subject to mod discretion.

Rule 7 - We will step in if we see dogpiling. Everyone should feel free to give their opinions and feedback and being in the majority opinion should not mean someone must refrain from posting, but if your post is a rehash of what has already been said in response to someone it is a good idea to step back and consider if there may be a better way to approach the conversation. Our goal is respectful discourse and multiple people making the same basic post in response to one person creates a hostile environment.

Rule 8 - You are allowed to post memes and other forms of humor, but they must accompany text and be on topic. Humor and memes should be used to illustrate a point or to add humor to other content, not to make the point for you.

Disciplinary Actions
Breaking a CAASS rule will earn you 1 strike. 3 strikes will earn you a temp ban from CAASS.

3 strikes = 24 hour ban
4 strikes = 48 hour ban
5 strikes = 1 week ban
6 strikes = 2 week ban
7 strikes = 1 month ban

Going 2 months without a strike removes 1 strike. Mods may escalate the ban depending on the offense. Persistent disregard for CAASS rules may earn you an indefinite ban from the CAASS forum. We will be open to evidence you have changed even in the case of an indefinite ban however.

Let us know about any questions you have.
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