Please watch my YouTube video

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Please watch my YouTube video

Postby Pedgerow » Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:43 am

This thread shouldn't just be for my own YouTube video. The title is intended for anyone to post their YouTube videos, and beg strangers for more views. If you have a YouTube video where 90% of the views are your own, as I do, post it here! There wasn't already a thread that I could find for this.

My fan-made music video for the song "Pamaiva" by Lithuanian pop group Sekmadienis is the only place online where you can reasonably listen to that song. It's my favourite song of theirs, and I couldn't listen to it for months because the all-Lithuanian music streaming portal, that really does exist, now requires an account to listen to the music, and my account doesn't work for some unknown reason. When I found an MP3 of it online somehow, I knew that I had a responsibility to share it with the probably single-digit number of people worldwide who are also looking for it.

Making a music video is a pain in the ass. I managed to find a grand total of two videos of the same group online where they have the same lead singer who sang Pamaiva, plus a couple of others where I used clips for "backing vocals". The videos are all hideous 240p rips of old VHS tapes, and the songs in those videos are dull dirges which don't match up to the upbeat pop chirpiness of Pamaiva at all. And video editing software, yes all of it, can gargle my cold piss. The user interface on the software I settled on is one of the most unintuitive things I have ever struggled with. Buttons randomly destroy the video if you click them. I muted the video and could not get the sound back, whatever I tried, until I created the whole thing again and added the song back in. And when I finally uploaded it to YouTube, the video quality was somehow noticeably, considerably worse than the 240p blur-fest it already was.

With all that in mind, I'd say I'm actually extremely proud of this service I have done for the 1990s Lithuanian music scene. You couldn't make a video much better than mine, assuming your video was as terrible as mine for reasons that totally aren't my fault. It's only noticeable in a few places that they're singing a totally different song to the one you are hearing, and also, you could always just browse a different website in another tab while the song plays if you like my video enough to watch it more than once.

Without further ado, here it is:

And like I say, feel free to post your own Oscar-worthy masterpieces here as well.
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