Death Stranding (PC) - Review

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Death Stranding (PC) - Review

Postby iMURDAu » Tue Nov 02, 2021 2:24 am

Don't waste your money it doesn't work. I spent my entire afternoon googling and being in contact with a support agent from 505 Games over email.

Here's my experience....

I launch the game. At the title screen I choose options. It crashes. I reboot my computer. Launch the game. At the title screen I choose Start Game. Loading screen reaches 100% and then the game crashes with the same error as before.

This isn't just my issue either. This is a known problem with the game. The developers have a troubleshooting page that is more or less copy and pasted from a Steam Community discussion thread which they link to, possibly to avoid any issues. By the way, that thread is still marked as unresolved. Because the fixes suggested are more or less a list of things you can do to and hopefully one of them works for you. If not then they're sorry. That's it. I've exhausted all options from what I can tell.

I guess I'm going to get a refund tomorrow. Which sucks because I really wanted to play this.
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