Tetris 99

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Tetris 99

Postby iMURDAu » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:09 pm

Anyone try this out?

It's a Nintendo Switch exclusive at the moment and free to download.

My thoughts and experiences:

First game went well, I placed 20something. Next game I tried messing around with the R button since there's an indicator for it with different options. I don't know what I did but it didn't end up well and I placed in the 80s after being targeted by a ton of people. The next two games I didn't try the R button mechanic since the game never explains it to you. I was targeted by no less than 5 people each game and was out very quickly. It went like this:
Play Tetris as normal
"Watch Out" indicator shows up and alarm blares
Continue to play as normal
8 lines of garbage appear beneath me
Continue to play as normal
5 more lines of garbage appear and it's Game Over
Total time elapsed: Less than two minutes

The problem I have with this game is that there is literally zero explanation given to the player. You're expected to not only understand Tetris, but multiplayer Tetris featuring dozens of opponents, and you're given a visual of the R button with vague words on each side like "KO" and "BADGES" and "RANDOM" and "ATTACKERS". The lack of instruction is appalling for a Nintendo licensed game. I don't mind losing a stupid game of Tetris but I feel like maybe there's a way I could do what the other players are doing but I don't know how they do what they're doing. I don't even know what badges are.

I can't recommend the game because any new player is at an instant disadvantage. You shouldn't have to research new mechanics that were added to an old game. I'm sure advertisers on reddit and youtube are loving it though. This is something that could be fixed with an update but instead the download numbers of a free Tetris game will be used to prop up the idea that paid Tetris will be worth venturing into. Look for that in the future, you heard it here, possibly first.
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