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The Weirdest Video Game Ever
By Deathclaw_Puncher | 6th June, 2013 | 4:34 am | ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings


Given the size of video game libraries per console, there's bound to a few weird ones. Usually though, the weirdness is usually due to stuff such as poor quality, complete and utter pointlessness, or being from Japan. There is one game, however, that's just weird for the sake of being weird. That game is Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64.
Otherwise known as a mindfuck in a cartridge.

What makes this game so weird? Well, here are three reasons as to why:
3.Conker was a children-oriented game company mascot
Before starring in his own mature mindfuck of a game series, Conker, an unofficial mascot for Rare, made cameo appearances in games such as Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie. Rare originally planned to make a game called Conker's Quest, but found it too similar to Mario 64, so they added adult humor. Admittedly, making a seemingly child-oriented character adult-oriented isn't a bad thing if done right. However, given the nature of games Conker appeared in, it would be like taking Mario and making him a creepy porn star.

2. Anthromorphic plants
Imagine the following scenario: You're walking through a large field, and you see a large plant that's a size it shouldn't be. Out of curiosity, you approach the plant, braving pitfalls and swarms of bees intent on tickling you, only to discover that the plant is a giant talking sunflower with boobs.

You hear that? That's the sound of countless boners becoming confused.

Also, if that wasn't weird enough, the sunflower's boobs? You can bounce on them.


The anthropomorphic plant thing isn't limited to the sunflower. On the 5th level, large, anthropomorphic kernels of corn can be seen scuttling around the boss's lair.

Apparently, LSD is a major part of the corn diet.

And on the subject of bosses...........

1. Said boss is a piece of shit......literally
After reaching the lair of the fifth boss, you hear a booming voice demanding sweet corn. After tossing a few of the aforementioned scuttling kernels into the murky depths, a giant piece of shit, calling itself the "Great Mighty Poo", rises up and starts to sing

That's right, the boss is a gigantic, opera singing pile of shit that has corn for teeth and seems to think that it has a digestive system. The boss is defeated by throwing toilet paper into its mouth and flushing it down a giant toilet.

I presume that that's also the way to defeat Donald Trump.

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