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Riff of the day: Political Flamebait
By NisiOptimum | 9th May, 2013 | 7:40 am | Riff of the Day

Riff of the Day
In 1387 Charles "the Bad" of Navarre (no seriously guys he was bad. Really, really bad. And the whole world had to answer right then just to tell you once again- he's bad) fell ill and made the classic mistake of consulting a medieval doctor. The doctor recommended that he be wrapped up tightly in bandages soaked in brandy because why the hell not? Unfortunately he neglected to mention that it might be a good idea to keep the liquor-soaked cloth away from open flames. The inevitable happened and Charles became the victim of possibly the worst medical treatment in history. No word on whether the Dr still submitted an invoice but we're going to guess yes.

Charles the Bad, having fallen into such a state of decay that he could not make use of his limbs, consulted his physician, who ordered him to be wrapped up from head to foot, in a linen cloth impregnated with brandy, so that he might be inclosed [sic] in it to the very neck as in a sack. It was night when this remedy was administered. One of the female attendants of the palace, charged to sew up the cloth that contained the patient, having come to the neck, the fixed point where she was to finish her seam, made a knot according to custom; but as there was still remaining an end of thread, instead of cutting it as usual with scissors, she had recourse to the candle, which immediately set fire to the whole cloth. Being terrified, she ran away, and abandoned the king, who was thus burnt alive in his own palace.

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