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By Typical Michael | 9th May, 2013 | 12:58 am | SPAAAAAAACE

This could be the future of science, space, and robotics:

I'm totally cool with it.


Giant Gas Clouds Found In Void Between Nearby Galaxies

A never-before-seen interstellar network of gas between two nearby galaxies may provide the raw material needed to fuel star formation for billions of years, scientists say.

Gany says:

Astronomers have recently discovered massive, galaxy-sized clouds of hydrogen gas just sort of hanging around between two of our neighbouring galaxies Andromeda and Triangulum.


These gigantic blobs of gas are extremely faint, they were detected by the very sensitive Green Banks Telescope in the National Radio Astronomy observatory in West Virginia. We are able to detect the presence of neutral atomic hydrogen because of the characteristic signal it emits at radio wavelengths. This discovery is exciting, because the gas cloud is thought to be accompanied by a filament of dark matter which would account for the more condensed formation of the clouds. If there was no dark matter there, the clouds would be all wispy and pulled apart by the two galaxies.
(Dark Matter in a nutshell: we know it's there, we just don't know where exactly....or what it is exactly, but it is definitely there, whatever it is)
This will hopefully lead to some answers on the existence and actual composition of the ever mysterious dark matter, which would in turn result in a whole new set of equations for me to learn and/or develop.

Read about it: ... actic.html


Skrillex Has Close Encounter with NASA's Johnson Space Center

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Gany's Galaxy

For my fellow stargazers, there are going to be some really nice sights to see in the sky over the next month. You might have noticed over the last year, that Jupiter has been really prominent in the night sky, certainly the brightest object in the sky as we are at a stage of very close approach at the moment. Well, now Venus has decided to join the party and will be visible just after sunset over the next few weeks, quite close to the western horizon. You should be able to see it with the naked eye, but it will be even better with binoculars or a telescope. The interesting thing about Venus is that it displays phases, like the moon. It is also approaching Earth now, so if you observe Venus once in a while over the coming months, you will see it grow in size and change in phase.


If you own a telescope, check out Jupiter later on in the evening, even with a small telescope you should be able to see the four Galilean moons orbiting.


Enjoy! Here are some...


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