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By Typical Michael | 7th May, 2013 | 12:26 am | SPAAAAAAACE

Hey you know what?


Guess what other crap happened?


Record-Breaking Star Explosion Is Most Powerful Ever Seen ... overy.html

Whoa! Brightest gamma bursts ever recorded, you guys! There are the things that saw it:

and this:

Both of which are AWESOME.

Here is a cool video about gamma ray burst:


Red Bull Stratos 'Space Jump' Suit, Capsule on Display in Houston ... hibit.html

That is the suit that Felix Baumgartner was wearing when he jumped. I mean that's cool and all, I guess, except Joseph Kittinger did it first, over 50 years ago, and that is cooler.

One of the coolest things I remember was how Kittinger was afraid he WASNT ACTUALLY FALLING, because there wasnt any wind resistance.

Lights a cigarette when he lands. Ain't no thang. BADASS.

Jupiter Still Has Water from 1994 Comet Crash ... -1994.html

You know what was happening in 1994, that I can remember? This:

But something that happened juuuuuuuust before that, was a big friggin' comet hit Jupiter! And there is still water there from it, to this day, guys! Yeah!

""According to our models, as much as 95 percent of the water in the stratosphere is due to the comet impact," Cavalié added in a statement released by ESA."

I don't suggest drinking it though. It's gotta be pretty rank by now.
Now here is a segment I like to call:

Gany's Galaxy!!!

TCS user and over-all swell gal Ganymede314 writes:

Hey, have you ever wanted to see what something looks like when it's getting sucked into a black hole?
Of course you have! So it is pretty lucky that there just happens to be a giant gas cloud on a collision course with the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, which we fondly refer to as Sagittarius A*. This gaseous cloud will soon be close enough to the black hole for us to actually observe the effects that the intense gravity has on the cloud in real-time. When the cloud reaches 36 lighthours away from the black hole (that's about 40,000,000,000 km), we will be able to see for the first time how matter behaves near a supermassive black hole. Basically, that gas cloud is about to have 10¹ºº different kinds of shit kicked out of it. And we get to watch! (Remind me never to get this girl angry)

Here are some images taken over the last decade of the cloud's progress towards its demise:


Read more: ... tml#inlRlv

Anybody out there interested in being an adventurer? A pioneer, a trail-blazer, cutting the path for the rest of you lazy bastards? Well, those of a more adventurous persuasion are in luck, because Dutch company Mars One is now taking applications to select people to be colonists on Mars. Yes, you can sign up to go and live on freaking Mars. The company hopes to first send two robotic cargo missions to prepare the way and build a habitat, and then in 2023, the first four colonists are planned to arrive, with more following every two years after that. This sounds almost too cool to be true but I'm signing up anyway because spaaaaaaace. Oh, it appears to be a one-way mission, so you had better get your affairs in order. But not to worry, you will have plenty of time, as successful applicants must spend 8 years in training before departure.

Sign up here, let's take TCS to Mars!

And here is a very lovely image of the Rosette Nebula taken by the director of my own course in university, Dr. Ray Butler and his team:


Read about the cool new filter we got for our telescope here!

All of that was friggin' awesome, you guys!

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