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May the Fourth Be With You
By Typical Michael | 4th May, 2013 | 2:43 pm


It is May 4th, so it is that time again to celebrate Star Wars!


"Force Kick" is a completely valid explanation.

So here is where you tell everyone your best Star Wars stories. Is it awesome? Is it embarrassing? A little bit from column A, a little bit from column B?

Here goes mine:

Back when Episode III came out, I was working at a movie theatre. The second busiest movie theatre in (a big tourist city), so the midnight showing definitely drew a crowd. Plenty of cosplayers everywhere. As employees, we were also encouraged to dress up, so OF COURSE I DID.

(No pictures, but pretend I looked like this. Close enough)


So there I was, serving popcorn and lightsabering, conducting business. But I had a sad, sad face. Because I wasn't going to get to see Episode III on opening night, because some bastard decided I had to work.

Well check it out! That bastard knew that I was a huge Star Wars fan, and knew there was something, just something nagging at my heart that night. I think the conversation went something like this:

Boss: Why, Mike, you seem down. Vexed. Troubled. Friggin' blue as all get out.
Darth Michael: My dear sir. This is the night in which perhaps a non-sucky Star Wars prequel is scheduled to premier. My hate seethes. Damn this popcorn to the planet Blorch.
Boss: Well how about this, you sexy beast? Go forth. And watch. Unfortunately the only theater that still has a seat is the one with the VIP section. SORRY BUT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE WITH THE 501st LEGION.
Darth Michael: This is acceptable.


So I got to watch the midnight showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, with 50 or 60 stormtroopers and at least three Darth Vaders and a Slave Leia. While I was supposed to be working and ha ha all the other suckers were still working!

So hey, this is where YOU get to share your stories. Because the Force is with YOU.

Here is a cat dressed like Darth Vader, and it is PISSED about it:


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