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By Typical Michael | 2nd May, 2013 | 9:58 pm | SPAAAAAAACE

I's a great day for SPAAAAACE, everybody!

Hey, you know how every single thing about space shuttles is awesome? Canada, "America's Hat", feels the same way and totally put a space shuttle arm on display: ... hibit.html

It's called the Canadarm...canad...arm? cana-derm? Whatever, its the Canadarm 201 and it has been in space soooo much longer than you. It is 50 feet big and that is 44 feet bigger than me. Twenty-seven space shuttle missions! It was on the second space shuttle flight in 1981, and it is a really big reason why Chris Hadfield, the super awesome astronaut who just loves showing us how to do things in space, was inspired to even become an astronaut. A Canadian astronaut! Watch the most polite astronaut ever make a friggin' honey and peanut butter burrito in SPACE!


Gravity, how does it work? ... earch.html

"In the next five years or so, scientists are poised to discover proof that space and time can wrinkle in the form of gravitational waves. These waves were predicted almost 100 years ago by Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, but have yet to be seen."

Ha ha ha, do you even know what that means? I don't but I bet it is AWESOME. Well check it out. Albert Einstein is great, and he invented space.

(can't embed to the time. Just go to 1:29. Work with me, here)


You know what seems to be severely lacking in space? Laws. And police officers. Space cops.

But you know what there ARE?

Space real-estate agents. SELLING THE MOON.

Law states:

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 forbids countries from claiming territorial sovereignty over the moon or other celestial bodies. It doesn't, however, expressly forbid private companies from staking claims,

But, anyone can buy pieces of the moon. Just in case. Go here early, for when earth is unable to sustain life:

Here is some more crap about searching for alien life!

Extra-terrestrial life could end up being super weird and not making any sense and breathing methane or something. Who knows? ... twins.html


And here we have something from TCS' own Ganymede314, with her giant astro-brain. She also loves metal music. A lot more than me, but I try.

Anyway, moving on:

Gany: "There has been an interesting observation by Cassini of the hexagonal structure on the pole of Saturn, they are finally able to see the massive storm in the centre, here's a link to an article: ... 30429.html

I also thought if we did a space picture of the day type thing, that this might be a nice one.
The star (well group of up to seven stars) is called Jabbah, and it's surrounded by a green nebulous cloud."



And that is just what happened TODAY. Look to the stars, kids, because they are so interesting that they were too busy to stick around and aren't even THERE anymore, probably. Because of light n stuff.

-Special thanks to: Ganymede314 and her giant space brain.

Did I miss anything? Want to tell Gany how cool she is? Express your undying dedication in the comments.

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