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By Typical Michael | 2nd May, 2013 | 12:15 am | SPAAAAAAACE

Hey! You Guys!

Do you love space? You know, outer space? Up there? I bet you do!

Man, unfortunately, the rover Opportunity had some trouble. She was launched in July 2003:

But, she is doing ok, now. Old girl has some life in her yet. 37 times the designed lifespan, you guys! Just watch out for those dust-storms, ok Opportunity?

Opportunity has covered 22.15 miles on the surface of Mars. The one to beat is the Lunokhod 2 from the USSR that covered a bit more on the moon in 1973. Go, Opportunity, go!

Read about the recent glitch here: ... -mode.html


Hey, have you ever folded paper before? Probably not, right? That's pretty weird. Well, good things scientists are on the case. ... sails.html

Hopefully, this folding technique can help little satellites catch space debris and not die. Cubesats are little and space rocks are bullies.


Sometimes I have these awesome dreams about things exploding in the sky. But guess what? Sometimes it totally happens! ... hower.html

This makes me want to fly to space with a jet-pack and headbutt every single space-thing I can find and then once I have a super-headache, latch on to a space thing and then ride it all the way through the atmosphere.


SPACE PHOTO!! ... -infrared/

The Horsehead Nebula!


Taken by that old freaking Hubble Space Telescope, just hanging around up there. IN SPACE.

The James Webb telescope is set to launch in 2018 and it is just gonna get better.

This stuff happens every day.

Don't miss it.

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