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Season Breezin: The 3 Most Ridiculous Motives in Anime
By: Ericthebearjew | Part of a Column: ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings
Tags: Anime

ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings
As some of you might have guessed from some of my forum posts/IRC ramblings/sacrificial altar to Rie Kugimiya, I am quite the fan of anime. Well, in my Season Breezin' series, guess what I'll be talking about!


You got it!

In seriousness, I will be talking about anime. But not just any anime; In this installment, I will be talking not about the mainstream stuff, the classic series, or the Space Westerns, but about the 11-26 episode animes that get flung in your face every 3-6 months.

When it comes to anime (hell, any medium that tells a story) motive is essential to character development. You can't have a Bobobo-esque "just because" scenario for a villain origin story if you're going for a super-serious dramatic thriller feel, lest you wind up with a character more ridiculous than the killer of the week from the second episode of Hannibal.


Anyway, here are the 3 most ridiculous motives in anime (P.S. - light spoilers):

3. Attempted murder over student elections (Koi to Senkyo to CHOCOLATE)
Koi to Senkyo to CHOCOLATE is a quirky little anime about seriousness, friendship, and awkward dick jokes.

Such as this.

The anime follows Yūki Ōjima, an average (if imaginative) kid at an elite private school.


No Yūki, he doesn't really have a propeller on his head.

He runs for student council president after it is revealed that his school club might be dropped due to budget cuts. As he's subjected to harassment and interviews that are spitefully taken out of context, he discoveres that the campaign staff of one of his opponents has been literally trying to kill anyone who might pose a serious threat to their campaign, as per the candidate's orders.

The most messed up thing about this plot point (besides the obvious, of course) is the ultimate pointlessness of their actions. I mean, yeah, working with the student council might look good on a resume, but this is an elite, swanky private school; most of the candidate's staff (including the candidate himself) are just going to benefit from nepotism. It'd be like Jaden Smith killing someone over an acting role: completely pointless. Also, this isn't just an elite, swanky private school, this is a private school so elite and swanky that it prohibits the students that are there on scholarships from joining a school club, which, by Japanese high school standards, means that they are essentially barred from having a social life.


For $10 per stone, you can stone the poor kid in the hallway.

2. Assuming compliance due to past life (Green Green)
Green Green is one of the least watchable animes in existence, mostly due to the "Baka Trio." This stellar trio of sex-starved potential rapists spends their time launching themselves at the female students the moment that the school decides to do a trial run of a co-ed environment. In case this ape-like display wasn't off-putting enough for you, one of the very first lines of the anime is one of them bragging about the callouses on his hand that he got from masturbating.


Something to brag about, apparently.

Now, despite what you may be assuming based on my above rant, this is NOT a hentai. Green Green was a 12 episode series that ran on TV in 2007, and it has an actual plot and everything. That plot contains a character that has an aggravating motive. Her name is Midori Chitose, and she believes that the main character was her lover in a former life, so she literally throws herself at him and tries to force herself into his life. This isn't done out of psychosis or anything, but out of naivety. So much so, that she adamantly refuses to believe that people are capable of free will or bodily autonomy.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

1. A village full of FUCKING CHEAP BASTARDS relentlessly bullies a girl for the most selfishly spiteful reason ever (H2O: Footprints in the Sand)

H2O:Footprints in the Sand is an anime about Takuma Hirose, a rich blind boy who moves to the countryside and inexplicably regains his sight the very next episode, as you do.


Also, this wind spirit follows him around.

Anyway, he befriends a girl named Hayami Kohinata, who is completely hated by the village she lives in, by her classmates and the adults alike, to the point where they set the abandoned trolley she's forced to live in on fire and the village elder conspires to kill her.

Why is she so hated by her village? Her parents were village doctors, and the townsfolk felt their prices were a little too high. Naturally, the village ran them out of town, burned their house down, and now refer to Hayami as "Cockroach" (with as much hostility as the Hutu talking about the Tutsi), and all because her parents wished to make the slightest bit of a living.


I believe this image is an appropriate conciliatory gesture.
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