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The Turble Show # 2: Hellooooo Nurse
By Matthew Notch | 20th November, 2013 | 8:15 pm | The Turble Show

Please enjoy this, the second installment of our podcast, The Turble Show, in which the lovely sunglasses joins us for a chat and answers some of your pressing and dire questions.

Segment 1: If it hasn't become apparent yet, when we're on Skype it's possible to type messages as well while you're connected. This is the emoticon that disturbs me (Notch) so very much...

Also remember that the Skype animates it to shake its tongue back and forth... maybe it's just me

Segment 2: This is Aviel's first segment with us, and from the looks of things, probably won't be the last one!

Segment 3: Please don't ask me how I ended up on The Stanley Cup while browsing Urban Dictionary one time. As it turns out, the particular definition I had found has since been stricken from the entry. Here you go!

Segment 4: Debate rages on as to whether My Immortal is actually an attempt at literature or a troll. I (Notch) fall firmly on the side of troll, just because of little things like, for example, her character's name, Dementia. Hey, and now there's a series based on it!

Also, Amy Lee is the dramatic lead singer of Evanescence.

Segment 5: Again, send your segments to, whether you attach the files in an email or link to a private sound on SoundCloud. Remember, though: if you put it up on SoundCloud, please make it downloadable!

Segment 6: Note the hotness of young Angela Lansbury.

Talk about helloing your nurses

Thank you for your support! Join us again. And now, SOUNDTRACK!

1. Every Place is a House by Maps and Atlases
2. Collapse by Sparta
3. Deep Sleep by Tundra
4. Stars by Ulrich Schnauss
5. On the Corner by The Letter E
6. Tearing in My Heart by Sunny Day Real Estate
7. Thank You for the Venom by My Chemical Romance
8. Loving You by Minnie Riperton
9. Ascension by GoatSucker (thanks Nudge!)
10. Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells
11. Stand Fast by The Slant

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