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The Turble Show # 1: WTF Are We Doing.
By Matthew Notch | 5th November, 2013 | 1:10 am | The Turble Show

The very first TCS podcast, with your hosts Kate, James T., Bert, and Mr. Notch. Featuring segments from AShireForBaggins, MalosAires, CarrieVS, and MeatPuppet.

Segment One: There is, believe it or not, even more to the fart conversation, and it will be posted as a Turble Show Extra shortly. I don't know why. But as Bert says, you can always depend on farts for a laugh.

Segment Two: It was a special request from Notch that Ashire translate the phrase, "The answer is pudding."

Segment Three: Meats is one of our youngest members, but she's exceptionally talented and very very funny.

Segment Four: Fun fact: Yakkety Sax was actually never played in this broadcast.

Segment Five: Malos Aires graciously agreed to let us air this segment, even though he's also using it on his own blog, He also posts some of his videos there—check him out!

Segment Six: Again, all submissions for the podcast can be sent to, or you can PM Notch on the forum if you'd rather. Please note that there may be a little editing and additional mastering done to it.

Segment Seven: Carrie has also been reading us bedtime stories over here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=556&start=210#p43388.

Segment Eight: Here is the picture of Poor Butts and the screenshot JT took entitled "NotchStuff"...

Does this barrel make my butt look big?

Pictured: Bert's dog, Notch's atrocious picture, the word "fymynyst", and a butt crapping out an egg.


1. We Are Beautiful We Are Doomed by Los Campesinos!
2. Pride by Kosheen
3. Aah W Noss by Nancy Ajram
4. Vanishing Point and Whistle by Toe
5. Voices by Nosaj Thing (Live at KEXP)
6. Back to Detroit by the legendary Wayne Kramer
7. This is My Reg'lah Voice by The Wait Is Over
8. The Good Life by Weezer
9. Stand Fast by The Slant

Stay tuned, more to come!

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