What about Bono?

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What d'ya thunk about this Bono guy?

Does more harm than good
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Does more good than harm
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What about Bono?

Postby blehblah » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:48 pm

http://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/bon ... -1.2856821

Bono recently appeared before the US Congress to lilt about The Fugees refugees and whatnot.

When I consider the persona that I know as "Bono", I'm torn. All indications are that he genuinely cares about the causes he promotes. My question is, do you think he does more harm than good?

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Despite the jokes, and a sometimes off-putting way of going about things (the Geldof effect) he does, inevitably, draw attention to issues that need attention. The merits of how he figures things can be solved, U2's business practices (tax avoidance, basically), and other details can be debated endlessly - and that's easy pickins. What he does is put himself out there, and he surely knows he's making a giant target of himself, but he does it anyway.

Bottom line, while his shtick is sometimes grating, I admire his pluck.
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