[Pendragon RP] 489 Adventure - "Always Salisbury"

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Re: [Pendragon RP] 489 Adventure - "Always Salisbury"

Postby Scarik » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:51 am

I am replying below.
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 489 Adventure - "Always Salisbury"

Postby roobeastie » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:57 am

Replying below.
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 489 Adventure - "Always Salisbury"

Postby Ladki96 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:15 am

I am replying above the other players who will join ! :P
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 489 Adventure - "Always Salisbury"

Postby Cpt._Funkotron » Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:29 pm

Summer Solos

Eliver - The Plight of the Pigherds

The sun is out for what may feel like the first time in a week, and through intermittent cover of clouds, it shines down on the bustling outer ward of Tilshead, a large castle-town in the west of Salisbury. A crowd of squires, knights, and idle soldiers has gathered around the riding yard to witness Jack, a plump and jittering youth take his run at the quintain. Uneasily atop his horse with an ashen pole awkwardly in hand, all eyes are on the young squire. Sir Eliver "The Swift", the young newly-appointed Castellan of Tilshead, watches from a folding chair with even expression.

A few silent moments go by. A few scattered whispers break out in the back, to be quickly hushed. The boy looks to the knight, and receives a kind nod in reply. With trepidation he kicks his heels into the horses flanks and sets off towards his target, a shield attached to a swiveling arm. It looks like he is off to a good start for the first few seconds, but as he draws near to the quintain, his nerves get the better of him as he grasps at his reins, causing the beast to jerk right but not before his pole has made contact with the shield and the weighted arm has swung around to strike him in the back of the head and off of his horse.

A combined gasp, groan, and stifled chuckle emanates from the crowd all at once. Pocket money changes hands, and a few of the young squire's fellows help him out of the mud while a groom retrieves the horse. Sir Eliver rises and walks out into the center.

He checks the back of the boy's head, and concludes that no real harm has been sustained, before patting him on the back and sending him back into the crowd.

"I think we all owe Jack here our thanks in demonstrating the danger of hesitation. If he were up against something a little more formidable than this sack of gravel here, he'd have lost the head."

Just then Will, the town Bailiff, begs a word with Sir Eliver. He leaves another knight in charge of the training, and some other squire takes his turn on the horse.

Eliver and Will walk together out of the hole in the wall where the foundations are now being laid for a stone gatehouse, to replace the old wooden one. Will walks and talks. Much of the country around Tilshead is heavily wooded, or had been until the great wildfire half a year ago, now there is but acre upon acre of ash. The forest will regrow in time, but the smallfolk who had relied upon the woods for their livelihoods were left in the lurch. The worst-hit had been the swineherds. Ordinarily, much of the rural woodland was used for feeding swine, who feasted on acorns, roots, truffles, roughage and the like, but overnight that source of forage went up in smoke. Ordinarily a pig farmer might sell off some of his stock to buy dry feed to keep the rest going, but ever since Eliver himself bought up most of the county's surplus grain reserves last year to save Woodford from the famine, the market price of grain has skyrocketed. Many swineherds found no choice but to sell off all their stocks entirely just to feed their families, but when all the swineherds of the area began coming into Tilshead to sell all of their animals around the same time as each other, the going price for pigs predictably plummeted. Now dozens of rural families, who until last year had been free and relatively prosperous, are now destitute. Meanwhile, the butchers of the town have prospered greatly from the abundant and ludicrously cheap source of pork. Three new shops have opened in the last month, a caravan route has been established carting salt north from Exeter, and a Butcher's Fair is now taking place in the market, with tradesmen from Sarum, Wilton, and as far afield as Warminster displaying their wares; every variety of sausage, ham, jerky, chops, ribs, or rashers imaginable. But pork is not the only flesh for sale on the market.

An old man, a former swineherd, is bargaining with three men for the sale of three of his daughters into slavery. They apparently have nine brothers and sisters too young to work, and no prospect of marriage. The daughters seem to have volunteered themselves out of duty. There are three interested buys arguing with the father over their price; a Cornish salt merchant, a local Butcher, and the owner of the town's Brothel. The old man is demanding at least £1 for each of his daughters; the Butcher and the Salt-Merchant are holding firm at 10 shillings, and the Brothel-Owner is going as high as 15, but the father doesn't want to sell to him; 'let them at least be concubines rather than whores', he may well reason. The argument is getting rather heated, which is why Eliver was summoned; the bailiff didn't want to risk offending such estimable locals by breaking them up with common guards.

Eliver may roll Orate or Courtesy to talk the argument down elegantly.

Opportunity for a Generous and Merciful Checkmark if he pays the £3 to save the young women from slavery.

Persidius - A Duel for Love

Life at court in Sarum resumes much as it always has. Roderick sits on his throne again, with his sword arm in a sling. Sir Kennian's son Ypas is adjusting to life with an eyepatch, to being accordingly renamed "Eyepatch" by his fellow squires, although never when his mother is in earshot. Sir Persidius and Lady Elaine continue to exchange guilty looks of longing. The Court Champion of Salisbury has had little cause to swing his sword of late; his ever-growing celebrity causing many plaintiffs to forfeit their cases against the Earl rather than face his deadly blade. The only duels he finds himself fighting are against those knights who have sought him personally out as the man to beat. On one occasion, a young female squire rushes into the hall and begs a word with him.

She explains that her master, Sir Alan, is a young, poor knight only last month given his spurs. He is madly in love with a lady far above his station, and her father refuses to accept his suit for her hand until he has proven himself worthy, and bested the greatest swordsman in the land in single combat. Sir Alan, in his passion, rashly accepted the challenge, and is now making all haste to Castle Salisbury to make good on his vow. The squire explains that she has only just managed to outpace him on the road so that she might make this plea of Persidius: throw the duel. She says that Sir Alan is of little skill at arms being as young as he is, and so mad with love that if he is bested yet survives, he will assuredly destroy himself in some other way.

Only a few minutes later, Sir Alan himself strides into the Great Hall, in the flesh. He looks young for twenty-one, but with a firmness of purpose in his posture and in his eyes. His armor looks old and rusted in places, most likely second-hand. He throws down a brown mitten, where a richer knight may have thrown a glove, and challenges Persidius to a duel.

If Persidius takes a dive, he suffers an unopposed strike, and earns a checkmark in Valorous, Merciful, and Modest.
If Persidius doesn't take a dive, he may fight the duel normally and earn a checkmark in Sword and Proud.

Miles - Kidnapping

It was decided to be for the best that Lady Ella, just now past her tenth birthday, be brought up away from court at Sarum. At Wylye, she is not constantly in the place where her father died, nor under constant siege from ambitious bachelors hoping to secure her fortune when she is of age to marry. It is a beautiful summer, and although still of a quiet and melancholy disposition, the girl seems to adjust well to a more modest country life. Mile's mother Lady Felolilie is her primary caretaker, along with her governess Dwyn. One day, Felolie takes Ella and Dwyn out walking to pick some flowers from a nearby meadow, taking one of the guards with them as an escort, under protest. An hour later, an old shepherd who lives down the road comes hobbling up to the walls of Wylye manor in a panic, reporting that bandits had come from the woods, killed the guard, and abducted the women.

Roll Hunting to pursue them.
Optionally, roll Love (Family) for a possible bonus.
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 489 Adventure - "Always Salisbury"

Postby Kivutar » Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:01 pm

Miles' mother has another girl-child that summer. They name her Teleri, and everyone dotes on her, Iblis in particular. Tom, who after the initial awkwardness is fitting into his new family fairly well, makes her a little rattling bucket, and Miles can't stop laughing when he sees it. After that, of course the toddlers must have buckets made for them, and soon they're chasing each other in circles and attempting to break them over each others' heads. Lady Ella is much too old for such things, but she occasionally provokes them to greater wildness and watches the results with great amusement.

Miles spends most of his time training with the spear, along with his squire Dylan, who is quite promising for one not brought up to it.

Following immediately after Funk's solo prompt.

Miles and his men drop everything and thunder off in pursuit. It doesn't take them long to find the miscreants. Lady Ella buries her face in his mother's skirts, but the two of them are unharmed, guarded by one bandit as the others abuse Dwynn cruelly. Miles runs his spear through that one at once, and the others are quickly finished off by his men.

Moments later, the sole surviving bandit is pleading for his life. "Spare me, and I'll tell you who sent us!" he whines.

"Is that so?" says Miles. "Then I have a different offer for you, swine. Every moment I wait for the name, your life is one hour longer!" He has no idea if he can stomach what that entails, but he glares so menacingly at the bandit that it doesn't make any difference.

"The P-praetor of Levcomagus!" bleats the ruffian. Miles isn't surprised in the least. He waits until Lady Ella is out of sight, then unsheaths his dagger and hands it to Dwyn.

"Get your vengeance," he says, gesturing towards the bound bandit. Furiously, she stabs him about forty times before he finally stops crying and twitching.

Over the next few days, he questions everyone in the household. Surely someone must have informed the bandits, for them to find such an opportunity. Eventually, one of the guards mentions that he had seen the dead guard himself, Ed, talking to some rough-looking men in a tavern about a week prior. They decide that he must have been the traitor, and that the bandits had murdered him in lieu of payment.

"Blains will sorely regret this," says Miles. "We must write to every ally we have!" Soon, he and Felelolie are hunched over a table, grimly deciding on the fine points of wording.

Terrwyns nonsense
“Please, for the last time, tell me you’re kidding.”

“I am! …is what I wish I could say. C’mon, it’s not so bad,” Terrwyn climbs into the saddle. “You’ll adjust, you’ll manage, you always do! Alright? I’m off!”

“Wai-!” But Horsie is already galloping away.

“I’ll send news with the caravaaaaaaans!”

Diane sighs.

Casa de Persi

You know what? Life sucks. You work hard to earn your money and respect back and these kids, your own flesh and blood, don’t appreciate it at all. Don’t the tiny rascals understand they’re not getting kidnapped by a stranger? They’re getting kidnapped by their mother! There’s absolutely no reason to cry!

The little one cries even harder at that, clinging on to Julia for dear life. “Dun’ wanna leaaaave!”
Lady Adwen gently takes Sir Terrwyn aside. “Rhiannon has recently become interested in the cosmic plan. Children her age don’t ask “why” questions until at least a year or two later. I sense great potential in her; it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

Terrwyn frowns. So, what, pin all her hopes on a single girl? True, Mair has never been sick a day in her life but… Cerridwen, you asshole, you had to do this to me!

“If this is what the Dark Goddess wants,” Terrwyn huffs, “who am I to interfere? But the girls will keep trying to meet each other at every opportunity their whole life, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that headache.”
Lady Adwen muses, “Perhaps, if they did not know about each other? They are still quite young, and in time they will forget all if the other is never mentioned again.”

A distressing idea, but a sound one. Rhiannon needs to avoid all worldly temptation going ahead. Terrwyn agrees at once.

Also, she hugs Persi before leaving, just because she can SCARIK sticks tongue out


At long last, a sense of security and being loved! o/ Every day is a lovely day at the castle, and she would die for the beautiful Lady <3 And the Duchy too, ofc.

Her marriage is p. great too! Sir Jordanus:

1) lets her practise swordplay
2) doesn’t insist on her dressing/behaving as a lady
3) doesn’t humiliate her in front of others to establish his senior status, because he isn’t an insecure bitch
4) doesn’t seek out other women in Sarum Tintagel
5) keeps his hands to himself until she assents (not that she has trouble doing that <_< she needs a spare now that the second one has gone and made herself the prayer!) and
6) doesn’t mind that there is no baby within the year!

/o/ o/ o

Terrwyn takes command of her husband’s finances at once, and her wise management has the money rolling in like never before (Smell that? That’s the sweet smell of critting Stewardship) When Mair finally doesn’t weep once the whole day, Terrwyn hopes that things have settled down.

Until of course, the letter arrives. Escorted by armed guards, no less. >_>

My dearest knight,
I hope you fare well. This cannot repay all the kindness you have shown me, but I hope it proves useful.
A humble serving girl

Jordanus is surprised, to put it mildly. “Why would a Frankish princess send you a hundred libra?”

Terrwyn crushes the note and blinks several times before managing, “I have no idea.”

A fortnight later, another note arrives, but much closer in origin. Sir Miles! He has been dealt with most terribly by the Praetor of Levcomagus and wishes to repay the favour. Everything comes flooding back, all that she has tried to suppress – her love, the treacherous surprise, the humiliation, the near-death – and Terrwyn feels as if she would burst. Controlling herself, she instructs her squire to pack her bags. She needs to pay Blains a visit.

A few weeks later, Felelolie pulls Miles aside. "The poor girl is pregnant."

"She's sure?"


He feels horribly responsible. She'd been under his roof, and he hadn't been able to protect her. "We'll have to get a new governess for Ella," he says. "But we can't just cast her out... she'll stay here, and the child too."

Eliver agrees to the venture, but with reluctance. "The dog deserves it," he says. "And any other year I'd be for it, you know I would. But I have a bad feeling about this. Think of how the Summerland raid turned out - is this not the same thing, so soon after?" He shakes his head, "This isn't the same; we know we're in the right this time. My thumbs prick, that's all."

"So you won't come?" asks Miles.

"Of course I will."

Persidius offers to join as well, mainly for his cousin's sake. That offer is readily accepted; prickly though he may be, clearly the Lord of Wayford is a friend in a time of need. Miles resolves to forget about that moment of mad bravado in King Cadwy's court.

Leiryn, who had been briefly captured by Levcomagus during the war against the Franks, is more than happy to get his own back and then some. Those are all of the knights of Salisbury who will join. Roderick cannot be seen supporting such a raid, or it could lead to war with Blains' lord Ulfius, so they have little help. Unofficially, they know he hopes they succeed.

He hadn't really expected Terwynn, but she appears nonetheless, terrifyingly eager. All the better.

They must strike quickly, or all could be lost. As soon as all are gathered, they ride.

Bestow righteous thumbs upon Lads.
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