[Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby Cpt._Funkotron » Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:47 pm

Total Loot:
Persi got 1,400 / Bleddyn got 1,200 / Eliver got 450 / Miles got 400 / Terwynn got 250 / Leiryn got 500

Total Glory:
Persidius: 1,555 + 4,559 = 6,114. +2GB
Leiryn: 1,067 + 1,667 = 2,734. +1GB. Leiryn is now a Respected Knight.
Eliver: 730 + 3,078 = 3,808
Miles: 755 + 2542 = 3,279 +1GB
Bleddyn: 650 + 2,368 = 3,018 +1GB
Terwynn: 505 + 3037 = 3,542
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby Ladki96 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:36 pm

I want to sign up for 489 please =)

Winter stuff
Honour: 9 -> 10
Mercy 10 -> 11
Reckless 10->11

Diane turns 19
Terrwyn turns 25
edit: Twins turns 2

Winter training:
Spear 15 to 16 (using Blessed Blade: 18)
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby KleinerKiller » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:50 pm

I have one more post to make later, but I will also be back for 489 whenever that happens~
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby Kivutar » Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:02 am

Miles returns to find his entire family happy and in good health, and the reunion is joyous. Grug even manages to totter in his direction, and he tosses her into the air.
“Miles!” scolds Felelolie, but he just laughs and turns, making as if to toss her too. Then he stops. “Is that…”
“This is Crugen, yes,” says his mother. Miles peers at his little sister, who is asleep. “Another one? The gods are blessing us!”
He looks at his mother again, and raises a knowing eyebrow. “So, Grug was Beltaine, you said. Once, maybe. Twice?”
He’s never seen his mother blush before.
“Who’s the man?”
“It’s Tom,” she says, turning pinker.
“The reeve?”
“Why didn’t you say so before?” asks Miles. “Two years now, at least!”
“Well, you know,” says Felelolie. “There wasn’t much to tell, until there was.”
Miles bursts out laughing.
“Now that’s it’s out,” says Felelolie, looking even more flustered, “We’ve been talking of wedding…”
“Oh.” says Miles. He doesn’t mind, it’s just -
“He’s a good fellow,” he says eventually. “It’s strange, but we’ll be used to it quick enough.”
None of the manor folk seem at all surprised when they hear about it. Funny, that. They celebrate the wedding quietly, and his mother looks twenty years younger.

"This isn't safe," says his mother, back to her old self soon afterwards. "It's a temptation to every scoundrel for miles around, and from what you say, you've made a few more enemies."
Miles considers. What good is all this treasure, if it brings raiders down on them? "We'll build a motte," he agrees. "And hire more guards. Good ones."
The construction starts immediately.

He tells Colwyn to go home. The boy had been eager at first, but he'd only known about fighting from stories and had been almost entirely useless.
"Can't you grow faster?" he asks Briant, who sticks out his tongue.
Luckily, the next day Tom approaches him a little awkwardly. "So, you're wanting a squire..."
"Dylan's a likely lad," says Tom. "Sixteen, he is, and near as tall as you are."
He'd forgotten about Tom's younger brother. His uncle now, he supposes, and tries not to laugh. Tom catches his eye, and his lips twitch as well.
"Send him over," says Miles.

He smiles down at Iblis. "Yes?"
She puts her thumb in her mouth and looks behind her. Miles puts the bucket down and follows her around the building, just in time to see one of the footmen sending a beggar scurrying down the path.
He's there in seconds. "You there!" he shouts. "Were you told to do that?"
"I was just-" says the man, but Miles glares at him. "So are people to say that the lord of Wylye is mean? Go fetch that man and make sure he is fed! Move!"
"Yessir," says the footman hastily, and runs after the beggar. Miles shakes his head. And when he's come back with so much gold, too! He's told these people, by the gods.
Well, it looks like he's found something to do with this fortune.

Built Motte; hired 10 armoured guards; built Almshouse (10L to build, 15L for first year's upkeep). 489, here I come!
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby roobeastie » Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:49 am

It's a rather visceral dream; that's the first thing that stands out to Adwen. She's not herself here, instead she's a dove perched atop a standing stone, eavesdropping on a conversation between two hooded figures. She doesn't recognize the voices, one male and one female, nor can she determine who it is they're discussing.

Whoever the subject is has somehow wronged both parties; the woman even going so far as to state that those the man considers enemies have also upset her as well. There's mention of a curse, someone who died as a result of said curse, and the chilling pronouncement that some druid wasn't supposed to make it out of the forest. The woman then proclaims she intends to strike again at summers' end.

It's all rather confusing to Adwen, but before she can hear anything further, the woman spots her. A spell is murmured, causing the dove that is Adwen to fall, and the last thing she remembers is the sensation of being stomped upon. She awakens with a start, committing as much of the dream as she can to memory so she can recount it when her husband returns.
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby Scarik » Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:00 am

Persidius Victoris will return in 489
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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby Ladki96 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:39 pm


Terrwyn opens her eyes. "Earthquake?! Oh, whew. Wait. Owww-"

"What'd you mean, Madoc gave her away to that Roman jerk? Okay, you know what, I just - it's the most incredible thing - but I have a headache now, suddenly, so if you could just clear off, I need to sleep it off. Yep."


"No I don't know how that board part got a fist-shaped hole. I was sleeping remember?"


1NBSv01uLsRmtEuCtnyrBeb3e8ez8VOJjhknRxVKEnPdiGyWhmFrTJl-IjUAmok1_BrI7MgdrvgYZa0j5JBT0w.gif (770.97 KiB) Viewed 426 times

Why is Gwiddon looking at her like that? "I know what you're thinking, old man. 'Oh here's our mistress, come back to wreck stuff some more.' But no see, I came back to fix stuff this time. Everything will be a-okay now."

"Bryce, dont take this the wrong way, but you're too old to be a squire, even an armiger."

"Oh." :(

"And you're a commoner."


"So I'm going to make you a knight! How does that sound?"

"Sounds awesome!" :D

Casa de Persi

"Friendo..." Terrwyn opens her arms before she remembers. Right, no physical contact. Weirdo. "I'm so sorry to hear about the little guy. :( But nice to hear you've been blessed with more. I come bearing gifts, like your three smartasses ... right, wise men, sorry. When are you going to conquer Ireland? You better invite me! How are my beauties? {{{Twins}}} ... Wait, what are you doing here Diane :?"

Her sister stares at her. "You sent me here. Don't you remember?"

literally last year
Diane: "y u keep moving me around like chess piece?"

Terrwyn: "Because I can, duh. You're too sads. Off to Persi to clear your dumb, married-man loving, teenage head. Buddy needs more armigers and I need more Florida man antics from Miles."

Diane: "Asshole, then marry me to that rando knight suitor. He flirted on roll20 and everything! Or you know, knight me?"

Terrwyn: "Sry, can't do either without moneys lol. Another time. Suffer till then on account of having a terrible breadwinner for a sister. Plus the guy doesn't even have a name. You didn't make him up did u? Don't be a despo."

Diane: :'(

Terrwyn scratches the back of her neck. "Oh right. I don't think I was that much of a dick about it, but anyway I have some money now! So let's get you out of here. How old are you again?"

Diane wonders why she rescued her again. Sibling bond? Yeah sure, let's go with that. "...Nineteen."

"Perfect age to throw you against any horror monster or raging guy with a sword. It's fine with you, right Persi? Right. Bye! Come by sometime. Let's go, Diane. Don't look so sad. I'll do it grand, all eyes will be on you. Elinor will eat her heart out." More importantly, Persi will eat his heart out, hopefully.

Diane's eyes widen. "That sounds... please don't do that. You know I don't go in for that. Just dub me and-"

"No. Everyone needs to see I'm awesome and completely okay despite whatever "rumours" say. Don't you want your nieces back? I'm doing it all for you. Don't be selfish."

And that's the story of how Terrwyn spent two days and some pounds pleasing exactly nobody. Except the attendees probably. And Bryce. Sweet guy. Point is, it got her fame and a promise from the boss to grant her an interview soon. Famous Hospitality wins again babeey o/

You thought that was it? Ha! But fine, to keep the page nice and short, let me hide it

While Terrwyn is doing some random lord thing, she is struck by a thought. Wait a minute. >.> El, Miles, Persi, Bleddyn, Leiryn. They're all connected with each other now, all official-like. Well not Miliver, officially, but come on. You've got to be blind not to see that. Point is, where is she in this heartwarming little chart? Nowhere. Let's fix that.

After much tracing of lineages and discussion with Gwiddon, Terrwyn decides that her friends are very good friends, but mostly terrible when it comes to having eligible male relatives. Like, seriously. El's frankly confusing large family has not one unmarried adult! Persi is just the opposite, all old men, yuck. And Miles is pretty much in the same boat as her, small-ish family. And look, she's not awful but he's not the one, no thank you. She's not that much of a dick to screw Diane's life over like that. Okay she was ready to last year, but now she's held more favourably at court and doesn't need his reputation circumstances have changed. Point is, as always it's her sweet quiet friend who proves the most useful.

"Bleddyn!" <3 Now here's a guy who's not weird and will accept hugs. "How have you been? What a cute little girl! Congratulations :) Listen, Sir Tristan hasn't married in the last week, has he? Good. I was thinking, you and I team up, if you know what I mean. I could do with some support in tough times It would strengthen our friendship bonds!"

Bleddyn thinks. "H-he's n-not a w-whoremonger l-like m-my o-other c-cousins, s-so g-good c-catch."

"Thank you, I do my research. My sister Diane is nineteen and there is no one prettier or more talented among her age. Only thing is, she's one of my knights so he may have to um, relocate, instead of the other way around. I hope that's not going to be a problem."

"N-not r-really. T-Tristan i-is n-not t-the f-firstborn, n-nor d-does he h-have a-any l-lands o-of h-his o-own.. S-some g-gentle f-female p-persuasion w-would c-change h-his s-stubborn m-mind."

"Oh I'm sure he'll be eating out of her hand in no time. Now what's your schedule like? How about the week after..."

As expected, the guy does protest. "No. Thank you Bleddyn, but no. Have you heard about her family? And I should live in Crazytown Central? No!"

Frustrated at the news, Terrwyn turns to her sister. "Look, I don't know okay, just... go to him! Play with your hair. Do love stuff. This is all for your family. Don't be selfish." And so having given such useful advice, Terrwyn and Bleddyn all but lock them into a room together and discuss wedding stuff elsewhere.

Diane looks at the guy. Why does this keep happening to her? Sigh. "Sorry about...just, sorry."

"It's alright," he says, trying to keep the annoyance out of his tone, although that's not too hard suddenly, is it? :P Image

"Were you among the knights at Odon? I think I saw you, not sure. You were all so great there."

"Yes, we showed those Franks," he answers with a smile. "I've heard since from my cousin that you were as brave. Rescued your sister during that midnight raid."

Diane doesnt know what to say to that with a straight face, so she just smiles.

"Well?" Terrwyn is on her immediately as soon as they're alone.

"Well what? Okay, fine. It's fine. He's fine, I'm fine, we are all very fine, okay?"

"Awesome! You're the best." She hugs her. "It'll be all okay. You'll see. And if it's not...accidents can happen. So don't worry."



"Please don't kill the guy. He's actually decent."

"Do you like him though? Otherwise I'll call it off for real."

"I think it could be nice. And please, I know you won't."

"You know me so well." <3

+250 L (Loot)
0.5 L Income

-Motte and Bailey Castle 36L
Equipping Diane 15L
Equipping Bryce 15L
Knighting Feast 1L
Diane's dress 1L
Tristan's dress 1L
Wedding Dinner 1L
Dowry 5L
New Helmet all the Cool Kids are Talking About 3L
Reinforced Armour 5L
Stone Wall 15L

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Re: [Pendragon RP] 488 Adventure - "The Matter of Frankland"

Postby CarrieVS » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:29 pm

"Thank the Lord for that hermit," Eliver says, still trying to take in the devastation. "He said I would thank him later..." He relates the tale of how he was delayed in his return. "Somehow I doubt I shall find him again to thank him: unless he was an angel of the Lord, he was surely a magician and I doubt that was his true shape.

"Well, it'll be alright. No-one need go hungry: I haven't told you how well we did in Frankland yet." There's not much opportunity to give more than the briefest account of the campaign though, nor to hear the news from his absence, though he can see that everyone is well, and, what had not been evident when he left, that Gwiona is with child. There is a lot to arrange, beginning with simply working out how to get food to the whole estate tonight, and tomorrow, and the coming days: it isn't a question of cost, but of logistics. Then there is livestock to replace, and what crops can be planted at this time of year: the grain crops are a hopeless cause but there are vegetables and so on that can be grown now.

It is soon clear just how much it will cost to put everything right and keep his people fed until next year. In any other year it would be a complete disaster, but even though Eliver's share of the booty of Caen pales next to Persidius' or Bleddyn's, the remainder is still a sum that's difficult to fully comprehend.

Eliver finds himself spending more lavishly than usual, in spite of everything, and even ordering new construction. At his wife's manor, Whitestone, he spends somewhat on improving the estate's production, and planting an orchard. At Woodford, he has a mews built and hires a falconer, the better to enjoy one of his favourite pastimes. Also a hospital, for the sick poor to be cared for.

Persidius pays a visit, shaking his head at the bare fields. "Will you let me help you restore all this?"

Eliver chuckles, "No cos, I have more than enough silver after the summer. But thank you." They talk a while, and Persi speaks of the fortifications he plans to add to Wayford. El resolves to do the same at Woodford, and soon commences building a stone wall, surrounded by a ditch. It isn't as though they have no enemies - Levcomagus will love them no more after this summer, and he knows his cousin is not entirely sanguine about Duke Lindsey. It would be no good for Woodford to be the only soft target between Persidius' two holdings. And clearly someone wishes him, Eliver, dead. There is nothing to say that they have given up, or that the next attempt may not be more conventional. He orders similar defenses constructed at Whitestone, too, and hires extra guards: five armoured men for each manor, enough to defend them even when he is away with his regular men on the Earl's service.

Not long after, Bleddyn invites Eliver to Barleyfield, and questioning him about the plague of rats, spends most of the time listing all the sorts of things, such as old women who know too much and things born with one eye, that might be witches. When he passes "goats, and birds that live in bramble bushes," El cannot resist making the absurd suggestion that "perhaps the Rat King was angry that his people never take their share of Woodford's harvest, because our cats kill all the rats, and sent his armies to take revenge." Bleddyn's eyes go wide.

Harvest time passes, and at least the empty fields of Woodford are no longer a strange spectacle. Word comes that Alicia has borne her husband another baby daughter - named Olwen, and seeming already to take after her father in looks. Later in the year, as the first snows begin to fall, a stranger calls at Woodford with a letter.

"All the way from Essex, as they're calling Caercolun now," the messenger says. Elaine and her family are well, and increased in number by a baby boy, named Winfrid, and a fine sturdy child too.

Gwiona is brought to bed just before Christmas, safely, and the baby is remarkably healthy too. He names his firstborn daughter Eleri, and his mother shakes her head and says that half the household will be looking up at the sound of "El." With Moreid and her four little ones, including Eldrid and young Eliver, that's not so far from true, and makes Eliver smile. The hall seems full of children, which is cheerful, and delights Miles on his frequent visits.

Christmas comes and goes, with the usual lively Court at Sarum. Some while after that, on one visit to Wylye, Eliver greets Miles and then gingerly reaches into a sack tied to his saddle bow and lifts out a half-grown cat, which protests loudly. "I have a present for you."

Miles takes the kitten and cradles it in his powerful hands. "It's sweet."

"It's the Woodford breed. They catch all the mice and rats." His expression clouds over for a moment,"All the normal ones, anyway. My grandmother says you must put butter on her paws, to make her stay put until she's learned that she lives here now."

Sums for Nerds
Loot: 450L
Income (from Whitestone): 16s

Putting the estate to rights, feeding everyone, normal upkeep: 125L
Additional upkeep: 1L
Stone wall & ditch: 6.5L x2
Guards (10 armoured footmen): 10L per year
Armour upgrade (reinforced chainmail & trendy new helmet): 8L
Hospital (10 patients): 8L initial cost + 8L maintenance
Mews (6 birds, 1 falconer): 2L + 1L maintenance
Waste improvements (Whitestone): 3L
Investment (Orchard): 5L

Not being gruesomely murdered: priceless.
There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's stealing from foreigners.

Net gain: 266L 16s

Giving my third Wonderful Cat to Miles.

I deducted the money from roll20 but I can't figure out how to fill in the new things on the google sheet: I tried to make sense of it, but I'm afraid of messing up the numbers if I fiddle with it.

EDIT: you bet I'll back for 489!
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