Halloween 2018 Collab Story and more fun!

Halloween 2018 Collab Story and more fun!

Postby sunglasses » Tue Oct 30, 2018 1:02 am

Check out this thread over here! We've got a collaborative ghost story thread. We cannot wait to see how creative you guys are or how this story will turn out. Each post should be about 1-3 paragraphs each. Setting and some background listed in the thread. I don't want to limit creativity so I've left many things open to your imagination. I'll be wrapping up the thread and the story by Friday, November 9th, the more you post, the more epic the story will be so get writing!

"But Sunny", you might say, "I don't want to write a paragraph or a cohesive story, I just want to be silly!"

Never fear! I have something for you as well!

2018 Halloween Poem Spectacular!
It doesn't have to rhyme if you don't have the time. One sentence or stanza per post. The only requirements? Must be vaguely related to Halloween. Spooky, scary, goofy, hairy? It's all good.
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