Stray Hate Week Posts!

Stray Hate Week Posts!

Postby Kate » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:33 am

Hello everyone, this is just a quick announcement to let you know what to do if you see a stray hate week post left in the wild.

1. You can click on the report button (the little ! in the upside down triangle) and that should notify any mod who is on. Just flag it as off topic and a hate week post. Or anything and a hate week post. I promise, this doesn't do anything negative to the person whose post you flag.

2. You can PM me directly.

I really do try to get every post so that no one's thread is left with off topic posts for long (that's part of the reason for Hate Week disclaimers, by the way, we can use the search function!) but sometimes I miss one or two. Or ten. Thank you for your help!

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