Night Owl Logic: 5 Ways we Justify our Sleep Deprivation

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Night Owl Logic: 5 Ways we Justify our Sleep Deprivation

Postby jbobsully11 » Sun May 10, 2015 3:13 pm


The magazine cover in #3 made me think of the Brockway article where it first appeared, and then I got too distracted to read the second page. I liked his first few points, though.
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Crimson847 wrote:In other words, transgender-friendly privacy laws don't molest people, people molest people.

(Presumably, the only way to stop a bad guy with a transgender-friendly privacy law is a good guy with a transgender-friendly privacy law, and thus transgender-friendly privacy law rights need to be enshrined in the Constitution as well)
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Re: Night Owl Logic: 5 Ways we Justify our Sleep Deprivation

Postby skooma » Mon May 11, 2015 6:32 am

But he's wrong! Why can't he accept the way nature made some of us? It's all clearly part of the daylight saving's time conspiracy!

I like how you did that, I've always been fond of this vintage Brockway.
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Re: Night Owl Logic: 5 Ways we Justify our Sleep Deprivation

Postby krankittoeleven » Mon May 11, 2015 9:09 am

I think the major flaw with the article is that there isn't any distinction made between people who like to stay up late to party or binge watch tv or play excessive amount of video games or whatever and people who genuinely have a life that they live during the wee hours.

I have friends that do all the aforementioned activities until sunrise even though they have to work at 9am, I do not consider them night owls, I consider them, quite frankly, to be idiots.

I work, grocery shop, pay bills and enjoy my hobbies just like everyone else, I just do it (usually) between the hours of 2pm and 6am. And my mood, productivity and general life enjoyment is better for it.

Also, breakfast foods are awesome, any time of the day. :D
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Re: Night Owl Logic: 5 Ways we Justify our Sleep Deprivation

Postby Taluun » Mon May 11, 2015 3:09 pm

See if I want to talk to a lot of my friends and play games with them, I pretty much have to be willing to stay up. I also know when I was in school I typically had an easier time working on hw when it was later in the day and I haven't had classes any earlier than 1 for about 3 years now so its not like sleeping in has been any sort of issue at all.

When I co-oped last winter/spring/summer I had to be at work at 8 Am and I regularly went to bed at 12 then so switching my sleep schedule to accommodate a standard work schedule I have found to be relatively easy so far.

To sum it up I think the article is failing in that it makes assumptions.
#5 I really do not like the day, being out in the sun will tire me out. I could sit on a park bench all day but I will be tired. I have to continuously squint all day as I am very sensitive to the light, visually at least. I find it relaxing to walk around campus at night and I find it relaxing to drive around in a city at night.

#4 I have seen how a few friends spend on the internet and they typically go through random lists of pictures with a few words attached which I would agree is just wasting time on the internet. For me though I typically spend most of my time either talking with others through forums, Skype, Line, WoW, and Facebook or I will play some type of video game, watch some anime, or read some book. All of those I consider "being productive" as I am going to do them regardless, its just a matter of when, so staying up late to do those things is productive to me.

#3 reading this post it makes me think he needs to talk to a psychologist of some sort. He is putting arbitrary value in things like bed times and the night. Why would you not know what to do in the morning? Just do the same thing you would do if you woke up later. His experiment of going to sleep earlier than normal doesn't make me feel anxious, it doesn't make me stressed out like the thought makes him. I just can't fall asleep then because I'm not tired.

#2 yeah I don't view staying up late as me-time. I regularly talk to others as previously stated. I am almost always in a Skype call when I play games and I regularly are messaging people. I wish my gf was awake then but she has work in the morning so I really can't blame her. I wish I was around others and that is the sole reason why I dislike staying up late, lack of others to be around.

#1 I don't know what he does that he can't do it at night for the most part. I go shopping at 12 am to 2 am typically. I wash my clothes then, I can play video games at night, I can watch anime, I can read books, I can read manga, I can update my budget spreadsheets to make sure I am not overspending, I could work on homework when I was still in school, I could discover new music to listen to, I can clean the apartment and the list can go on. The amount of things I can still do at night pretty much makes up a full list of things I like doing during the daytime as well.
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