7 Most Awkward Promotional Uses of Beloved Characters

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7 Most Awkward Promotional Uses of Beloved Characters

Postby Edgar Cabrera » Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:20 pm

http://www.cracked.com/article_22364_th ... cters.html

OK, I just wanted to chime in on #4, Doc Brown doing ads in Argentina. There's a part where they mention Doc holding a press conference for "future reporters":

They not only seem unimpressed with the concept of time travel, they seem to know him from the film Back To The Future, since they ask about his dog Einstein. The laws of science were shattered in front of these people's eyes, and they're asking the man responsible if he found a dog sitter? And wait, does that mean these stories technically take place in a world where time travel and these movies are real?

In one press conference, a reporter spends several minutes fanboying out, reciting half-remembered lines with worse-remembered English [...] At one point, he asks Doc to go back in time and tell his 13-year-old self that he won't lose his virginity until he's 20.

Well, those "reporters" actually are from a show named Caiga Quien Caiga, it's basically similar to The Daily Show, its not-quite-reporters all dress in black suits and wear black glasses, inspired by the characters of Reservoir Dogs. So if the author thinks they were trying to make a fool of Doc Brown... he's right, that was the idea.

That being said, the rest of the videos are indeed ads for Garbarino, a retail store. I don't know since when is Argentina trying to copy Japan's craziness.
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