5 Important Things From History That No One Can Explain

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5 Important Things From History That No One Can Explain

Postby cmsellers » Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:56 am

As the top comments note, there's a ton that's wrong with this article, including that the issue with most of these things is too many theories rather than too few. Essentially, the article is a Discovery Channel show without the overt alien claims.

The one that really gets me though is that the Kingdom of Alashiya--which was probably in Cyprus and definitely not a city-state, is referred to as the city of Anatolia--a region that is definitely not a city and probably did not contain Alashiya. I really want to read the book that was linked to in order to see just how the authors got such a basic point so damn wrong. Unfortunately, Google books won't let me see the text, though I can see the highlighting for the search terms.
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