5 Things Gamers Need To Stop Complaining About

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5 Things Gamers Need To Stop Complaining About

Postby Deathclaw_Puncher » Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:07 pm

Brockway is back!........and he's tackling video game elitism!
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Re: 5 Things Gamers Need To Stop Complaining About

Postby Marcuse » Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:42 pm

Well he's not tackling elitism as much as he's "tackling" things that he doesn't like about complaining about games.

I'll just do a topic by topic on this. I'll say straight up I'm omitting #2 because there's no content there.

5. DLC coming out too early

Well here's the thing, he's missing a massive nuance of the subject, which is that most complaints about DLC are about Day 1 DLC, usually content salami sliced out of a finished work purely for the purpose of adding revenue. While it is completely legal and technically acceptable for game companies to charge whatever they want for games, pricing it at $60, then stripping out a feature and trying to charge an extra $10 for that is annoying as fuck and a shitty thing to do. That's where the complaints come from. Most people I read/watch will readily state that content made after the game's release, or cosmetic stuff like skins, artwork etc that don't affect story or gameplay are pretty much fair game. Seems like Brockway misses the mark on this.

4. The death of couch multiplayer.

I suppose it goes against the stereotype of the doritos munching dew swilling basement dweller for "gamers" to complain about the death of something that was both really fun, and highly social in a direct real life sense. Saying that just one company does it still is like saying "at least one supermarket still sells alcohol". Even if one still does, it's a shitty situation to be in. Gaming now is so enamoured of online co-op and pvp that it seems to have forgotten that local multiplayer exists.

3. Hating a game because it's not what you wish it was.

Okay, so this is going to be more of a refutation of the game Destiny than the point, because he only gives the one example. Destiny has, from what I have heard, a shitload of problems.

1. The loot system was borked, with people getting legendary items having killed nothing, and the highest scorers getting a copy of the same shit they got rid of on day 1. There's a high degree of straight up randomness to it that's frustrating.

2. Raids (I can't remember the real name for it) were poor at levelling you up, so you were forced to do one certain type of raid over and over again to grind up in levels. Each time you were faced with 3.

3. Bullet spongey bosses. Sorry, but this kind of thing is plain bad design.

4. I believe their clan system sucked, only allowing a small number of people to associate.

So you're left with an experience that's grindy, frustrating, and likely to piss you off with random loot.

1. PC/console war

Yeah, okay, this is pretty dumb. I do have issues with things like people on console being charged the same amount or more for an objectively poorer experience. But strawman arguments like comparing it to World War One aren't funny and don't add to why it's dumb.

Overall, this feels like a pretty genuine article, I just feel it's mostly wrong about the points its trying to make.
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Re: 5 Things Gamers Need To Stop Complaining About

Postby Tesseracts » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:03 pm

Every time you lament the lack of couch multiplayer in modern consoles, Nintendo sheds a single lonely tear and retires to a brightly colored, mushroom-shaped shack to dry their eyes with tissues emblazoned with cute little cartoon penguins. Nintendo has always been the best at in-person multiplayer, and it's still like 90 percent of what they do. If you miss couch multiplayer, buy a Wii U. At some point during Blitz night, everybody gets too drunk to read what the plays are, and we switch to the new Mario Kart so we have a reason not to talk to each other for another year. You measure a really good in-person multiplayer gaming experience in scars and ruined friendships, and the Wii U supplies plenty of both.

I have a Wii U. I brought my gamepad to my friends house so I could play SSB, and much to my annoyance, discovered it's not possible to use two gamepads on one system. What the fuck?! If Nintendo releases so many multiplayer games, why in the blue hell aren't they letting me use two of their main controller? I could have used a Wii mote, but those things are fucking awful for this game. The best controller is the gamecube controller. Unfortunately, Nintendo sucks at making things and didn't manufacture enough gamecube controller adapters to meet demand. Now they cost like $100 (it was originally $20). I could get this thing but it's also way too expensive.

I used to think people who complained about controllers were wasting their time. But this has gone WAY TOO FAR.
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