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Postby DoglovingJim » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:52 am

LaoWai wrote:
DoglovingJim wrote:Noticed this during the summer (Australian summer is hot...) but whenever I start sweating from physical activity and don't shower basically straight after I start developing all these red marks (and basically spots in the surrounding area) all over the surface of my skin along my spine (probably because that's where all the sweat goes) and a bit on my arms and neck.

What is causing this? And is there a way to stop it without having to take showers basically 5 times a day because it certainly doesn't seem normal and it didn't used to happen.

Maybe try searching for cholinergic urticaria to see if the red marks look similar? (They're basically hives.) I've known two people who developed CU later in life. Antihistamines helped for one of them. The other is still just showering all the time.

I guess it looks somewhat like this, certainly not that bad though.
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Postby DjiboutiDan » Thu May 03, 2018 1:54 am

As long as we're talking about red marks on the skin...

A little while back, my doctor started me on lamictal and told me that if I develop a rash I should stop taking it because it can potentially be very dangerous. I started, two days later I had a rash on my arm, I stopped. Now whether that was real or psychosomatic is debatable. And it didn't look like a normal rash so much as contact dermatitis, which is something I get sometimes because I have sensitive skin. Buuuuut, that was about 2 months ago and the red bumpy thing is still there. Hasn't gotten any bigger, but hasn't gotten much smaller either. I started using hydro-cortisone on it last week and it seemed to help a little, but not entirely. Normally, if I get some kind of contact rash it's gone after a day or two. I've never had a sustained rash-thing go on for a week let alone 8 of them.
I'm currently between doctors for reasons that could be their own post and I also just moved and haven't found a new doctor yet so I've been mostly just ignoring it hoping it would go away, but now I'm starting to get worried because it's not. Is this even something I go to a primary care doctor for or do I just skip straight to a dermatologist?
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