[Fate RP] Romance of the Three Kingdoms: CE184

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Re: [Fate RP] Romance of the Three Kingdoms: CE184

Postby Scarik » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:39 pm

The deserters turned bandits are dealt with and several are then captured by Prefect Guo Si's men. Their leader is beheaded as a rebel as an example to all who would act outside the law. Or, as it seems to Baozi, those who cross the county line when acting outside the law. The others are whipped and then set free to surely attempt lives of piety and repentance...

Things continue on and by the first frost the Temple of the Northern Emperor is rebuilt and its gong sounds out across the valley. People come from as far as neighboring commanderies to see what has been done in such a short time, and many remark on how sweet the turtle soup in the village is. The fisherman have been catching bounty crops of turtles and eels as well as grass serpents who often slumber beneath the overturned boats to escape the rains.

Such is the prosperity that cookware is dragged out to the river banks and passing barges are waved down to enjoy roasted eel and steaming bowls of soup as they ply their trade along the aqueous highway. With some investment in the piers a true wharf could be constructed, and with it the fortunes of the people can only improve.

Winter then comes and goes. Its winds are fierce and the temperatures low, but spring comes early and with it rich waters and once again rich harvests of river and marsh critters, as well as more travellers eager to see the temple and try the turtle soup.

One such traveler says he is a clerk in Hedong to the south and has been sent by the Prefect to go to the capital and request aid. The man, Xu Huang Gongming, is an imposing, but humble man. He wears a jian like any courtier but it is clear to all onlookers that his knows its use. Even his horse is a warrior's mount and he travels only with two soldiers.

He stays only a day, but he has ears like a wolf and eyes sharp as a falcon. He hears much of what the people say so when he returns to Hu Qu two weeks later he makes his way to the magistrate's office. He is accompanied again, only by his two guards.
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Re: [Fate RP] Romance of the Three Kingdoms: CE184

Postby Ladki96 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 10:04 pm

Zhuzi shows the clerk in. After the tedious formalities, Baozi begins. His brothers are present at court.

"I hope the capital's reply was favourable."

Xu Huang replies, "General Lu is focused on the northern barbarians. Jinyang is unable to assist us at this time. Prefect Guo lacks enough manpower."

Wenchang and Baozi exchange a look at that. Mhm.

"I am sorry to hear that. How does Hedong fare?"

"The White Wave bandits harass us. The rivers overflow at this time of the year and the bandits take the opportunity to hide in the hills, so our army cannot cross over and find them."

The man prostrates before the magistrate. Oh jeez. "Hedong would be forever grateful for Hu Qu's aid."

Baozi thinks for a while. "I would like to help, but I mustn't strip the garrison completely. We have our own troubles with bandits. Brother, how many men do you think we could spare?"

Wenchang replies, "We can spare men. Guo Si's deserters have been dealt with, so we can rest a little easier. As for the exact amount..." he turns to Xu Huang. "What is the military strength of Hedong?"

"Five hundred soldiers at present, excluding garrison militia."

Wenchang turns to Baozi. "Our force has doubled in this year. Half should be enough to protect the town should disaster befall."

Baozi accordingly pledges a force of hundred infantry soldiers and twenty-five horsemen to the clerk.


The Cavalry Kids totally rock as per ush! Hu Qu now has an ally in Hedong! The town and the brothers' careers can only go up from here!
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