Guidelines and Sensibilites

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Guidelines and Sensibilites

Postby TCS Staff » Sat May 18, 2013 12:53 am

First things first:

We want this to be a safe place, however, sometimes serious discussion touches on controversial issues that may affect people emotionally. If you feel you can not deal with someone disagreeing with you on an issue, please consider avoiding threads about that topic. Don't make it personal, and if you can't do that, step away. We can't make sure everyone is emotionally safe and happy all the time, we just need to keep the abuse out.

Here are guidelines for the Current Affairs and Serious Stuff sub forum.

1) Stay on topic.
2) Don't just dump links; try to set the tone for the discussion by telling us about the link, and maybe give your thoughts on the situation.
3) Try and back up your statements with reputable sources (within reason; you don't need to source everything but stating "the majority of women prefer Captain Kirk" should be backed up if you want to be taken seriously).
4) Be respectful and courteous. Insults, name calling, and general rudeness will not be tolerated.
5) If a thread turns sour, we will lock it.
6) If a thread starts going around in circles (starts being repetitive), we will lock it. This rule depends on a case by case basis.

In some cases, not complying with guidelines may lead to a lock, at moderator discretion
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