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Re: "Infanticide"

Postby CarrieVS » Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:32 pm

LunarTeaHouse wrote:I don’t really know what you’re asking. Is me not wanting a kid to be born into an abusive or neglectful household an indicator that I do care what someone does with their pregnancy?

I think the issue is that you said:

Who cares what someone does with their kid?

(Emphasis mine)

In a thread titled "Infanticide." The choice of words, in the context, did not sound like you intended that particular sentence to refer exclusively to before birth. I did genuinely think your post as a whole was intended to mean "before or after birth, it's their kid and their choice, and no-one else's business."

When it comes to born children, I think the majority opinion is that up to a point it's the parents' choice what they do with the child, but certain things are unacceptable (abuse, neglect, endangerment...) But you do hear parents expressing the view "it's my choice how I raise my child," even when it comes to things that are dangerous or harmful (and indeed public health hazards.) Under most circumstances I assume that most people saying such things are thinking narrowly, and mentally exempting things that are "obviously" not ok while placing whatever it is that they're choosing into the "ok" category.

However in the context of a discussion about infanticide, it comes across differently. Does that make sense?
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Re: "Infanticide"

Postby cmsellers » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:18 pm


If you're pro-life, you probably care, because you believe it's murder. Now, the baby may indeed be better off dead, but a lot of pro-life people either believe that killing or categorically, unexceptionally wrong (deontological ethics) or that the baby should have the chance to decide for itself if life is worth living. (Let then grapple with the problem of suicide when they're old enough.) I have a problem with both of those arguments, in addition to not believing fetuses count as people, but I can understand why people believe them.

As a pro-choice person who doesn't believe fetuses are people, I don't believe in telling you what to do with your body at all. However I believe it's better that you're using the pill instead of using abortion as birth control, because if you did the latter, you become exhibit A on "the depravity of abortion" for pro-lifers. It's because I don't believe in telling you what you can do with your own body that I care about abortion as an issue, and because I care about keeping abortion legal, that I'd prefer if people who don't want children used birth control whenever possible.
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Re: "Infanticide"

Postby NathanLoiselle » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:49 pm

Why are we talking about what people do with goats? I'm confused.
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Re: "Infanticide"

Postby Crimson847 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:27 am

LunarTeaHouse wrote:Am I the only one who just doesn't care?
Who honestly cares what someone does with their kid?
Who fucking cares if a woman has an abortion or not?
What is even the point of these arguments and conversations?

I remember the first time I learned what abortion was, I think I was about 13, and I felt the same way then that I do now: who fucking cares?

I think it's also worth mentioning that my parents didn't get married, I was raised by my grandparents who are now dead, I don't have any siblings, I have one cousin. I've never really understood the fascination with babies and I don't want any of my own.

Why does what someone else does with their kid even matter to anyone else? I guess no one else knows what it's like to grow up in an environment where they were clearly unwanted. IT SUCKS.

A couple years ago my dad told me straight out that he wishes he never had kids. It wasn't really news to me, but it did shock me a little that he said it outright. "Sucks" is such a gentle term for being unwanted by the people who are supposed to want you the most, but what's worst is knowing my sister often agrees with him--she wishes she'd never been born too. I've been there myself, at times.

Do you wish you'd never been born as well?
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