Doug Ford may be the next premier of Ontario

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Doug Ford may be the next premier of Ontario

Postby blehblah » Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:42 pm

Hey, who here remembers that, now deceased, lovable crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford? High Good times!

Well, Rob's brother Doug ran for the Progressive Conservative leadership in Ontario, and won after the last leader had a #metoo meltdown. Meanwhile, the ruling Liberals decided to run one of the most hated provincial incumbents, because hey, why not? As we are entering campaign season, it's Doug's race to lose. ... rowed.html

The Progressive Conservatives would form a minority government if the provincial election were held now, after the Liberals narrowed the gap in the days following their pre-election budget, a new public opinion poll suggests.

The PCs, who have led in polls for the better part of a year, would win 57 seats, a Forum Research survey found. The Liberals would serve as opposition with 36 seats and the NDP would win 31 seats.

Sound familiar? In one corner, you have a female, mid-political-spectrum current leader who is deeply, deeply hated. Further to the left, you have another female provincial leader who is not hated, but neither is she loved. On the right, you have the son of a self-made millionaire who is of questionable intelligence, certifiably crude, but definitely conservative.

As an example, here's what he has to say about safe injection sites: ... _23416518/

"If your son, daughter, loved one ever had an addiction, would you want them to go in a little area and do more drugs? I am dead against that," Ford said Friday. "We have to help these people. We can't just keep feeding them and feeding them."

Now, I'm not an expert in either the broader field of harm reduction, or safe injection sites specifically, but I'm pretty sure Doug has kind-of the wrong idea about how safe injection sites work.

Anyhow, he's promised to lower corporate taxes (Ontario has the lowest in Canada, but whatever), seems to be anti-abortion/pro-life (though the family isn't exactly what I'd think of as bible-thumping), and generally plays to the conservative crowd. Unlike a certain POTUS, he at least has some political experience. He was a Toronto city councillor for, erm, one term.

In Ontario, it really comes down to three parties; PC on the right, Liberals in the middle, and NDP on the left. The Liberals have run things for a long time, which tends to make the baggage pile-up. They could win again (they would have a fighting chance with a new leader), but it is more likely that center-left votes will either not happen, or swing to NDP, leaving a mile-wide split for Doug Ford to walk through, and into power.

At least he doesn't smoke crack (though he may have been a hash dealer back in the day), and after-all, he's being completely selfless in running because he's going to lose money, etc.
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