Procedure for leaving?

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Re: Procedure for leaving?

Postby Tesseracts » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:06 am

You are free to PM me (or anyone else) the reason for your concern.
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Re: Procedure for leaving?

Postby Kate » Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:08 am

Ah yes, because this thread is a private message you sent reaching out to deal with this very personal matter in private.

Oh wait.

I forgot for a moment that you are the one who decided you wanted this to be a public conversation about the procedure for leaving and you weren't satisfied when a mod responded saying they don't delete accounts and you kept the conversation public. Huh.

I have no patience or filter at the moment but this is my genuine take, if you want a private conversation you know how to initiate one and I am not going to link you to a description of how to do that on these forums because I know perfectly well you know how to and I am not about to insult your intelligence by doing so. You probably haven't received a PM because you are the one who chose a public forum for discussion of this (and again, I wouldn't know, that is just my guess). You don't need to give a reason for wanting to be deleted and any personal reasons you have for that desire are of course valid reasons to want it, but to change policy or to be an exception to that policy will pretty much always require stated reasons that override the reasoning behind the policy. Wherever you go.

I hope you have a good life, and there is no way to say that without sounding sarcastic but the sentiment is genuine.
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