What To Do When Someone is Being Inappropriate

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What To Do When Someone is Being Inappropriate

Postby TCS Staff » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:00 pm

Here's a guide to reporting posts/PMs and about what to do when being uncomfortable.

The Comment Section is a community of great people and great minds. However, once in a while we will run into people who aren't so great or there will be a situation which can make you feel uncomfortable. The best way to deal with these issues is to know how to handle them. Here is a guide/FAQ on what to do when such situations arise.

Will the mods/admins intervene without a user asking for help?

No, unless it's an extreme situation. If it's obvious a user is breaking a rule or doing something illegal, we will jump in right away and deal with the problem.

However, we do not know when you feel uncomfortable. What may seem to be an uncomfortable situation to us may be perfectly reasonable thing for you. You have to tell us.

The moderators and admins of the forum are here to help, but it's best for the users to let us know where and when the help is needed. While we will jump in when the rules are broken, there are situations where we cannot or will not act unless a user tells us help is needed.

Okay, so a post is making me uncomfortable/is being inappropriate. What do I do?

If you spot a post that is making you uncomfortable or a post that is breaking the rules, report it. At the top right corner of each post, you will see some some buttons. One of these buttons is the report button. It is an exclamation point inside an upside triangle.

Let's use Gash's post as an example because fuck that guy:


And here it is highlighted:


You can also report private messages. Here is where the report button is located:


And here it is highlighted:


After you click on the report button, you will have write down about what the post said to make you uncomfortable or why the post is breaking the rules. Make sure to be as clear as possible as to why the post made you uncomfortable. The clearer you are, the better we can help you.

Will the person I'm reporting know I'm reporting them?

No. Only moderators and admins can see the reports.

A mod/admin is making me uncomfortable/being inappropriate. What do I do?

Go directly to another mod or admin. We take mods and admins being inappropriate very seriously, because of the power dynamic. It is best to PM the other mod/admin with the link to the post or a screen shot of the post and/or private message.

Do I always have to report a problem? Can I deal with the problem myself?

Yes! If you feel you can talk to the person being inappropriate directly and work out a solution, that's perfect. But, if the problem continues or escalates, it's best to contact a mod or admin.

In hindsight, the post I reported isn't bad and I shouldn't have reported it. Will I be penalized for posts that aren't breaking the rules/being inappropriate/making me uncomfortable?

No, the mods and admins will not penalize anyone for using the report button. Better safe than sorry, we say.

How about on chat?

If someone is being inappropriate on chat, PM someone with a star next to their name or send a notice using the /notice <username> command. The stuff said earlier applies to chat too: if you want to deal with the problem yourself, cool. If a person with the star next to their name is harassing you, contact another person with the star next to their name.

I don't want to cause trouble. Maybe I should just let it go and-

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. If someone is bothering you, if a post made you uncomfortable, if a post is highly inappropriate, tell us. Help us help you. The Comment Section is a safe community and we plan to keep it that way. Do not take abuse to avoid "causing trouble".

Wait, does this mean we can't do X types of jokes?

No, we're not saying that. People can make sexual jokes on this forum. But there's a certain line that shouldn't be crossed. Like I said before, it's perfectly fine for users to talk to each other to clear things up.

Okay, one last question.


How big is Gash's dick?

Oh, it's huge.
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