Another short story

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Another short story

Postby octoberpumpkin » Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:28 pm

She noticed the stares and she jogged along the boardwalk. It was a hat summer day and she had worn her most form fitting tank top and short shorts. She didn't mind the looks, in fact, she loved them. Her tank hugged her curves in all the right places, showing off a generous amount of cleavage. Her sweat glistened, giving her body a shiny, attractive look. She wore a baseball cap that said “Look at me! I watch sports! I'm a cool girl!” and underneath the cap she had her hair styled in a loose ponytail. It had a lot of effort put in to it to look like it was effortless. She had her headphones in as she jogged and bathed in the admiration of the onlookers.

She spotted a drink stand a short distance off. This was meant to be. She approached it. Happy to see the cute boy working there was also giving her his undivided attention.
“I'll take a bottle of water please,” she said with a wink.
“On the house for a gorgeous woman like you,” he replied. She smiled coyly. Just you wait she thought.
She opened the water bottle and began to pour the beverage all over her hot body. Her white top became see through, all eyes on her at that beach. None of the women in their bikinis could compete. It was all about her-
They must be thinking what a beauty I a-

The loud screeching noise brought her out of her daze. It was Dani, her so-called best friend slash banshee. Dani was over at Allison's house to watch some stupid action movie and, being incredibly bored, our leading lady decided to take a trip to imagination station. A land where her hair was blonde and pretty and her curves actually existed.
“Whhhaaaatttttt” Allison asked, rolling around in annoyance. Dani threw a pillow at her from the chair.
“You're not even watching! What are you doing anyway, dreaming about a boy?”
“As if, loser.”
“You're the loser.”
“You're the loser.”
“You're the dumbest loser”
This went on for a bit until Allison lurched her way off the couch and in to the kitchen for a drink. A nice lemonade with some ice. She was still in a bit of a daze from her daydream. A world where she was beautiful, the center of attention! Instead of being here fantasizing while Dani made her watch Mech Warriors with Guns or whatever the hell they were watching. If only that could be her real life. If only-

That's when the urge struck her. The urge to be who she dreamt she could be. To be that sexy woman. Still holding the ice tray, she removed another cube and gingerly started applying it to her neck. This was sensual, right? She started moving it downwards towards her-
“Allison, what the hell are you doing now?” The banshee voice once again broke the spell and the ice cube slipped from her hand and down her top. Slowly. She grimaced as it passed down her stomach and plopped on to the floor, already melting and making a puddle. The shame. The horror.
“You're friggin weird,” said her “friend” once again.
“No, you're weird.”
“No you’re weird.”
This also went on for a while before Dani decided to return to her Robo Terminator Race Cars or whatever it was.
“If you don't get in here soon, I'm making you watch the sequel.”
“Oh Lord, deliver me from my pain!!” Ali yelled, arms outstretched towards the sky. And by sky I mean ceiling. She'd already embarrassed herself enough tonight, why not go all out.

That's when she saw it. The light outside her window. Had the good Lord answered her prayer? She slid the patio door open and stepped out in to the conveniently placed cornfield behind her house. The light, the pillar of light, it beckoned to her. It called to her. She approached it and looked up. She couldn't yet see anything. She decided to go for it, baking in the light, arms outstretched once again. Then she was lifted. Lifted high above her house, her life, everything she knew.... and in to a spaceship.
“We are sorry hoo-man. We came to Earth to find the best specimen on the planet and worship her as our queen. From this day on, you shall ru-”

Allison sighed and headed back in to the living room. God forbid she be forced to watch Alien Predator Cops Part 2.
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