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Rekishi no Dame

Postby Deathclaw_Puncher » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:26 am

Rekishi no Dame
In the 28th year of Nara,
Within the sakura and deer adorned
Courts Of Heijou-kyo
Two Noblemen , Adzumabito
And Kimoshi matched wits
In the first game of Go recorded
On Japanese soil;
After which, Kimoshi took out
His sword and killed
Adzumabito in cold blood.
What went down that very day in which
Kimoshi besmirched the go board brown with blood?
It is a mystery worthy of Akechi or Holmes .
Did Adzumabito call Atari,
That arrogant checkmate,
For the first time in the Japanese tongue?
Who played black? Who played White?
Was there a handicap? If so,
How many stones?
What was the komi;
That gracious compensation
For black’s initial turn?
Nine? Six? Seven?
Only time itself lies awake and aware
Of how the murderous match
Twisted up Kimochi’s mind
Like the Amigara fault
To the point where he spilled
Adzumabito’s guts
With nothing else recorded.
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