I'm at Whedonopolis, my first con

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I'm at Whedonopolis, my first con

Postby SlayerGoddess » Sun May 15, 2016 1:19 am

I found a con for Buffy people like me! And I'm here! And I'm overusing exclamation points and most likely driving any grammar nazis here more insane than I am! This will, more likely than not, be my only con (or at least the only one involving flying) due to the extravagant cost. Of course, it doesn't help that the Sunnydale Mall is like a candy store for me. I'm on the west coast (Van Nuys, by LA), meeting Buffy characters for the first time! I have a signed photo of me with Juliet Landau (who played Drusilla) and I don't look awful in it! I even had a full conversation with her earlier, and she asked me to show up to her panel with questions! I'm just fangirling in a way that I was never able to when the show was on the air due to being a poor teenager at the time. My mom pointed out months ago that I'd have stalked the show while it was on the air if I'd had the money to do so. Seriously, I wanted to go to whichever college was nearest where they filmed the show and be an extra in every possible episode. It was just my bad luck that it was filmed in California instead of Wilmington, NC. Wilmington got Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill, and I actually knew a girl that moved to Wilmington to stalk the latter show.

Thanks to anyone who read my rambling wall of text. Comments are appreciated. Once I save up enough money again my next life goal is to stalk . . . um, I meant, meet James Marsters because Spike is so awesome that I named my Mustang after him.
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