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Postby cmsellers » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:42 pm

I ordered a folding chair from Home Depot because no stores near me sell decent folding chairs in store, for whatever reason, so I was already annoyed at the week it will take to arrive. I chose what seemed to be the cheapest option that looked comfortable and would support my weight. Then I realized the exact same thing is $18 cheaper in another color and I somehow didn't see it on my first search.

I tried to cancel it and order the other one and it got a "temporary connection order." So I called customer service. The IVR system really pissed me off, as IVR systems are wont to do, but I got through to a live person. She said that another customer service person had placed a hold on my account, apparently the moment I placed my order, and neither she nor her boss can cancel the order or see the person who placed it.

The hold automatically expires in half an hour, so I was finally able to cancel the order, but wasting twenty minutes on the phone is always fun. And then I realized that they give you a five dollar discount for signing up, which I wasn't willing to miss, so I created an account and entered my information all over again. But then I realized that I didn't get the discount. (I did get it with the first order.) My best guess is that I used the same credit card and the discount only applies once per credit card.
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