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Postby gisambards » Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:51 pm

cmsellers wrote:In another application, this one for state government, I affirmed under penalty of perjury that Turkey and Korea are both in Texas.

Only half a lie.
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Re: Pet peeves

Postby cmsellers » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:07 pm

The Austin Public Library, for some reason, often has multiple entries for the same edition of the same book, such that there might be three copies of one edition of a book, each with different entries for some reason.

I have a tendency to check books out and assume that if there's multiple copies available, I'll be able to keep them for two renewal periods, nine weeks.

Twice now, within the past two weeks, I've had to return books before that, despite there being other copies available, because it was one of the "one entry for each copy" books and someone put a hold on the copy that I had checked out.

I'm annoyed at the library for the frequency with which this happens. But I'm really annoyed at the people who choose to place a hold on the version of the book which is checked out. Are they doing it out of sadism? Do they assume the checked out copy must be the better one? Or do they just place a hold on the first entry they see, without seeing if any other copies are available?

I'm guessing it's the last one, so I'm gonna make a point of requesting the last copy of a book that shows up on my search from now on to see if that fixes this. But still, the level of clueless you have to be to place a hold on a book which is listed as unavailable without checking if there are other available copies is breathtaking to me.
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