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Re: Looking on the Brighter Side, Things that are good

Postby CarrieVS » Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:51 pm

A few weeks after I moved into my new house, I started working on the garden. I mowed the lawn, and I weeded a little bit of flowerbed that I found out there. I left one plant in the bed: it didn't look established enough to have been grown on purpose by the previous occupants, but I wasn't sure what it was and it wasn't definitely a weed so I didn't pull it up.

Then I had to stop gardening for a month because the garden waste wheely bin was full and I couldn't arrange with the council to empty it until last week (because reasons.) So I went out there yesterday to start working on tidying it up again, and not only had that little twig grown a bit, but it had a flower on it. It's only a beautiful red rose!

So I have a rosebush.
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Re: Looking on the Brighter Side, Things that are good

Postby Twistappel » Wed Jun 26, 2019 10:27 pm

After being sick for over a month, today is the first time in weeks that I haven't:
  • Immediately reached for a packet of painkillers as soon as I woke up;
  • Experienced pain when talking/swallowing/breathing; or
  • Generally felt like crap.

- and honestly, just feeling normal is so good it should be one of those "Sure, sex is good but..." memes.
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