Water cooler stories

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Re: Water cooler stories

Postby mancityfooty » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:28 am

Joplin woman's son is going to be 13? I think.
he's way jealous of me for GTA5 and Fallout.
constantly wanting to play the games for the gore and the blood and the violence...yeah.
Skyrim is on sale and at redbox.
there's a lot of talk between me and the woman. no, no nudity. no sex. and the death cutscenes aren't too bad. ok, at least not as bad as another game he plays that shows the damage the bullet did.
so he rents it for three days. two days left on the sale, I tell him you have that time to figure out if you like it or not.
he picks Khajit, like I have.
but he can't stop wanting a horse. why?
that night and the next morning I was there, so many yells from the living room where the xbox 1 is, "hey___, look at this!"
"hey, ____, I need help!"
he literally sold all his stuff at the first blacksmith on the first mission after the dragon and the daughter laughed at him and said "you're naked!"
and he'd steal stuff. and then just attack everyone. no dude, there are consequences.
I watched him play and had to keep pointing out all the chests he was missing because he ran through caves and dungeons like it was a race.
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Re: Water cooler stories

Postby Deathclaw_Puncher » Tue May 15, 2018 6:22 am

I found a potentially good way to farm caps in Fallout 4 Using the Wacky Wasteland Weapons Workshop mod. Take a wacky flamer, change the receiver to harpoon flechettes and the ammo type to harpoons, add poison and plasma damage, and it will generate a lot more harpoons than you fired, which you can sell for caps. This is most likely due to the incendiary and poison effects being registered as continuous, full-body damage, so it recognizes each hit as at least six retrievable harpoons plus a harpoon left over per hit.
Seriously, I took out a deathclaw with six shots the other day yet looted 89 harpoons from its corpse. I'm up to like, 700 harpoons now. Fear me, for I am the Harpoon Queen!
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