Metal Wolf Chaos returns

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Metal Wolf Chaos returns

Postby KleinerKiller » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:17 am

In the final minutes of the best, funniest, and bloodiest E3 stage show ever put on, the madmen at Devolver Digital revealed the hypest thing they possibly could have: an HD remake of Metal Wolf motherfucking Chaos.

What is Metal Wolf Chaos? Metal Wolf Chaos is a 2004 game by future Souls masterminds FromSoftware, only ever officially released in Japan despite having full English "voice acting" and taking place in the USA. The game stars President Michael Wilson, who survives a coup by his absurdly evil vice president Richard Hawk and retaliates by getting in a mech and basically destroying most of the country just to save it. Think Air Force One by way of Gurren Lagann. The original release garnered a significant cult following for its absurd missions, spectacular action, apeshit fever dream of a plot, and some of the absolute worst, most amazing voice acting ever to grace gaming history. If you've ever heard someone randomly shout "Let's PARTYYYYYY!" or "RICHAAAAAARD!", they were probably referencing this beautiful mess.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be released on all consoles at an unspecified date later this year. If you've ever craved an explosive city-destroying mech shooter with a weirdly homoerotic rivalry and The Room levels of entertainment value and internal logic, it's just the thing you needed.

Also, the tagline is "Mech America Great Again". That's worth like ten preorders alone.
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