Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Postby Piter Lauchy » Tue May 08, 2018 9:37 pm

Anyone else playing this? Thoughts?

I think it's nice that they're adding a little lore to the years between Voldemort's first defeat and Harry's time at Hogwarts, but holy shit, is it badly written.

There's no subtlety whatsoever. Ben Copper, for example. A Gryffindor who's scared of many things. That's fine, but he literally mentions in every single one of his lines how scared he is.

Or Rowan, your best friend at Hogwarts (if you made a female character) who loves books and reading just so much that she has to tell you all the goddamn time.

Then, of course, there's a Slytherin who hates you for no reason other than the game wants you to have a rival.
Snape is a dick for no reason (even if you're in Slytherin, I've read) because Snape gonna Snape, I suppose.

In terms of actual gameplay, there's pitifully little. It's more of an interactive novel which would be fine if it didn't read like terrible fanfiction.

Additionally, the game suffers from the same stuff all free mobile games suffer: Wait or pay. Can't really fault it for that, though. That's just how it is.

The big question is: Why do I keep playing? To which I have no answer. Maybe one of you peeps can help me figure it out.
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