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Dimension 404

Postby cmsellers » Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:31 am

After my post about Love, Death and Robots, where I mentioned I'd only ever seen three anthology series, Tess recommended a fourth: Dimension 404. It only has one season with six episodes, so far, anyways. Three of those episodes I'd rate as excellent, one as good, two as OK. No bad episodes, which is a first for an anthology series I've watched.

It's obscure, and I believe this is because because A. it's a Hulu show, and B. the the worst episodes, IMO, are the first two episode and last episode, ie, the episodes people are most likely to remember. Tess said she thinks it was overshadowed by Black Mirror, but I think it's better than Black Mirror. It hasn't been canceled, but hasn't been renewed either. I don't know if Hulu will make anymore, but I hope so. It's the first Hulu Original I think is worth watching that isn't The Handmaid's Tale. Actually, I think it's better than that too.

I would rank the episodes, from worst to best:

6. "Cinethrax" (episode 2)
5. "Matchmaker" (episode 1)
4. "Impulse" (episode 6)
3. "Polybius" (episode 4)
2. "Bob" (episode 5)
1. "Chronos" (episode 3)

IMDB's ratings mostly match mine, except that "Polybius" is rated one of the worst episodes, and "Matchmaker" one of the best, so YMMV. I didn't like "Matchmaker" because it just felt way too wildly implausible. I can see how people might not like "Polybius" because it feels like a parody of several different eighties movie genres, but I think that's kind of the point of the episode. Also, all of the episodes at least a couple of fairly predictable plot "twists," so it's a testament to how well-done the episodes are that I like most of them regardless.
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Re: Dimension 404

Postby jbobsully11 » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:22 am

I just started watching this show a little while ago. I came on here to rant about how much I disliked it, but I only saw the first two episodes, so maybe that’s why.
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