Ant-Man And The Wasp (And Luis and Hank and many more)

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Ant-Man And The Wasp (And Luis and Hank and many more)

Postby Australia » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:42 pm

Well, it’s time for that thing I do again. I’m the only person on the internet with the balls to discuss a superhero movie to death when it comes out. If only half of all non-music-related Youtube videos would follow my lead already and make the GBU review irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Alas, this burden lies on my shoulders and I was forced to have a real fun time at the movies this weekend to appease my loyal fan. Ant-Man And The Wasp. A catchy name for a movie? It’s no Infinity War. That goes for content too. But it’s the funniest MCU movie of 2018 – I laughed in the cinema as much as I did at Game Night which was current frontrunner for favourite comedy of the year and I enjoyed it more than Black Panther but it wasn’t the cinematic experience that the previous movie was. And I think it’s better for it in a way. Could use a breather after the greatest movie of all time quite frankly and this just has fun with the ridiculous concept that is shrinking and enlarging and controlling ants. Which means this is going to be a short review because there was nothing mindblowing and nothing disappointing about it so this will likely just be a list of butchered jokes and then a list of wishes. What do you mean that’s all these shitty things always are? What do you mean I’ve kicked off these things with rhetorical self-deprecating questions so much you’ve lost the will to live? Insert another question to fulfil the rule of threes.

The Good
The kitchen fight with the Wasp was great and kind of epitomised my favourite thing about the movie which is just making things that shouldn’t be big big [delete dated Harvey Weinstein reference here] and small small, which I wished they’d done more of last time around. The visual gags make this worth seeing on the big screen. Otherwise, I feel like it’s the least must-see-at-cinema Marvel movie for a while. I guess Homecoming would be just as good on the small screen. I don’t remember any ‘whoa’ action moments, just a bunch of funny stuff and that’s what I’d call this movie too. What do you mean I didn’t call it anything? Okay, I’ll stop with the questions, imaginary reader. Geez, get a life. My point is guy running into a giant salt-shaker = comedy gold. And a runaway laboratory is just a funny concept in general.

Paul Rudd has great chemistry with literally everyone and everyant in this film but if I had to pick a favourite, I really enjoyed Scott’s relationship with Hank this time around. Highlight being the handholding moment of course. One of those jokes that didn’t need a punchline (and couldn’t because you can’t make a fist to punch when you’re holding someone’s ha– oh, come on, you can’t take bad jokes from this thing too. I’ll have nothing left!

I liked that Scott never really got a change of clothes after being kidnapped. Apart from the titular suit of course.

Luis is great as always. No addendums. Except for that. And that. That last one was a sentence fragment and doesn’t count. And that.

I called the mid-credits scene months ago, when I had the best cinematic experience of my life but the execution was solid and I don’t know if I would have guessed the whole team getting dusted until the scene started playing out. I guess Luis will have to be in Avengers 4 for a few seconds to let Scott out. Unless he brought one of those embiggenners with him on the expedition. I don’t see why he wouldn’t.

In other predictable but still pulled off scenes, Scott obviously stole the suit and pretended to destroy it but the movie didn’t make it a big deal and kind of knew we knew Scott by now, just having him mock Hank when he confesses.

Just Giant Man scaring the shit out of civilians all the time. Good stuff.

Ant in a bathtub. This is what I love about these movies. Hear that, other movies? Do more weird shit!

“Do you guys just put quantum in front of every word?”

“Aw, man. I thought you were cool.”

“You did not understand hide and seek.”

“Do you want some juice and string cheese?” “Do you actually have those?”

"You're a terrible boss."

“Where will you be seeing me? Are we going to dinner or something?”

The Bad
Ant-Man made you sad when a specific ant was killed. This movie turned that into a joke. It was relatively funny seeing a seagull eat all the ants he keeps naming and I got the whole ‘you were dumb for caring last time’ thing they were making at the audience but I guess it was just overdrawn for the simple joke it was. This coming from a guy who has seen Sideshow Bob step on a rake at least two thousand times in his lifespan so take my thoughts with a comically giant grain of salt.

Not the movie’s fault – the truth serum interrogation was a great bit – but Deadpool 2 had a funnier interrogation-to-move-the-plot-forward parody and that’s fresh in my mind. I did love Ghost revealing herself at the end and scaring the shit out of everybody though.

I love the quantum realm stuff and I kind of wish the movie had taken place there. A rescue mission between the molecules with a villain on their tail for the whole last act would have been cooler. We kind of got that but if something had gone wrong and they had to spend the film trying to find her in a limitless space… But then we wouldn’t have got all the great wacky characters they interact with in the ‘real world’. Still, especially since I’m positive they’ll be using the quantum energy in some way to defeat Thanos next year, I think they should have spent more time down there, learning by doing as opposed to from Morpheus lectures.

Ah, yes. The ticking crock.

So no matter how long after the movie the end-credits scene is, Thanos is in Wakanda killing people. Why are you guys collecting magic juice? Did you not see the spaceship in New York on the news?

Why did I sit through the whole credits for a joke that was in the trailer? I was expecting something light-hearted after the predecessor but stuff like Cap’s patience joke in Homecoming was a good trolling joke. Drummer ant was in the movie. Eh, it was still funny. I’ll give it a pass.

The Ugly
Scott likes The Fault In Our Stars. I mean, I only saw the movie but it suuuucked.

I’d say this is as good as the first, probably one above if I had to cram it into my ranking of Marvel comedies this second but as far as laughs-per-minute, it’s no Ragnarok or Guardians.
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Re: Ant-Man And The Wasp (And Luis and Hank and many more)

Postby 52xMax » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:22 am

I'm with you on everything. I saw this on Friday, and I'm seeing it again this week. I wish all sequels remained as true to the original and built in the character relationships with a story that is relatively simple but remained compelling, as well as integrating the upcoming characters in a way that made sense. The closest thing in the MCU is Guardians 2, whereas Thor 3 was vastly different from any previous efforts, but in a good way.
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