The Detour (TBS series)

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The Detour (TBS series)

Postby cmsellers » Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:52 am

A couple years ago I watched the first season of The Detour, a comedy series which runs on TBS for only ten episodes a season and runs at odd times. It was awesome, and there are some memorable songs from that season which I've posted elsewhere. Second season was also pretty good, though not as funny as the first and I got to binge watch it because I didn't realize it was on until after almost all the episodes had aired.

I caught the third season, which is currently airing on Wednesdays, after the third episode (fourth episode aired Wednesday) and it fills me with mirth to watch. (That's the only way I can think describe it, I giggle instead of properly laughing.) So far I'd say the third season is as funny as the first. After Archer and possibly Blackish I think it's the funniest thing on television. And some of y'all should watch it, so I can discuss it with you on Discord. That is all.
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