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Jessica Jones Season 2

Postby KleinerKiller » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:29 pm

(Fuse this into the previous JJ thread if you want, mods, I'm just in a hurry and can't find it)

We finally have a full trailer for the long-awaited second season of Jessica Jones -- for my money, the best of the Marvel Netflix shows other than Daredevil S1 and maybe The Punisher.

I really hope the focus on Jessica's origin story doesn't fall into tiresome cliche territory.

I see they're over the whole "big green guy and flag waver" nonsense and just mentioning Cap by name. You know, like human beings would.

Is Trish finally going to become something approximating Hellcat? There are a few brief snippets of her being competently badass, so either they do that or continue to have it be a further tease.

The new superpowered serial killer baddie had better be able to hold a candle to Kilgrave. Netflix Marvel shows served up some really stellar villains prior to the Hand's prominence, and I'd love for that to be brought back.

But speaking of Kilgrave... that last bit. I knew he was spotted on set and figured he would be appearing in a flashback or as a recurring hallucination, but the way it's framed (with the familiar purple saturation to boot) makes me think that they might just straight up have him come back in full Purple Man mode. Whether it's that or a taunting phantom, I'm so down for more of David Tennant being terrifying.
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