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StarGate: Origins

Postby 52xMax » Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:50 am

So this flew under my radar (it was announced during San Diego Comic Con, back in July), but apparently there is a new StarGate series debuting this year, to take place within the same fictional universe as the rest of the SG-1 shows, and centered on Catherine Langford, a character introduced in the 1994 Stargate movie which inspired the series. Langford was the daughter of the archaelogist who first found the Stargate buried near the pyramids in Egypt, and she played a central role unveiling its secrets later in life. The show will cover what happened in between those events, when Catherine (played by Ellie Gall) as a young woman, goes on "an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness".

Okay, so I'm all for this, and I should be really excited about these old news I just heard about, but I also have a series of reservations, not because the show will have a female lead*, though that's certainly a concern if they try to make it all about grrrl power. There's also a big red flag since they are releasing the show (brace yourselves) through MGM's new streaming platform, tentatively called StarGate Command.

That doesn't sound at all like NBC and Star Trek Discovery, does it?

The other thing is that, while I'm relieved this project has nothing to do with Emmerich and Devlin, I am still worried that, this being a prequel, if the show has any future beyond the initial 10 episode release, they might step into SG-1 canon and retcon a bunch of stuff.

All in all, I am cautiously optimistic about this show. I may even sign up to the streaming service, not just for the show, but for the fact they are streaming the hundreds of hours worth of content that constitute all of the Stargate shows and movies (except for Infinity**) for a single fee of USD 20 good until May 2018, which is slightly better than paying $5-$10 a month just for a single show. I'm guessing eventually they will include other stuff not SG related, if the platform turns out to be successful.

* as Samantha Carter pointed out, just because your genitals are in the inside doesn't mean...well, you know the quote
** Trust me, I've seen it. You're not missing anything.
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