The Woods (SP7 Short Film)

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The Woods (SP7 Short Film)

Postby JamishT » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:58 am

(it starts with a satirical trailer with lots of channel inside jokes, just keep watching)

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Sugar Pine 7, has released a short film just in time for Halloween. The Woods was shot in like 3-4 days, mostly with a skeleton crew on a few hours of sleep, and on quite the low budget. Yeah, they got some funding from RoosterTeeth, but still. With all of those factors considered, I think it's a pretty solid short. The pacing feels really quick, but it's gotta be for a short. The villain is a little...lacking visually for me, but that would just take money and time to fix. If anything about this short really bothered me, it was the audio during some of the dialogue-heavy parts; I don't know enough about audio to diagnose/remedy the problem, but it's a common one with low-budget shorts. But that's a minor issue, really.

What can I say, these boys make me smile with every video they release, and this is something I think they can be legitimately proud of.
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