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F is for Family

Postby iMURDAu » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:57 pm

I just finished watching both seasons. Wow. What a dark and meanspirited show. Still hilarious though. If I wasn't already familiar with Bill Burr and his brand of comedy I'd probably be put off by a lot of what goes on in the show. The family dynamic is closer to a real life dysfunctional family, much more than any show I've seen.

Some of the dialogue is unsettling. Frank is verbally abusive. So be aware of that. There's not too many shows that I'll recommend while saying the main character isn't someone you'll root for and will make you cringe at times.

Discussed further:

Spoiler: show
I like how the family members each have something going on. There's no instances of "shit we forgot that one kid for a while" like what seems to happen on most family sitcoms.

Frank has his struggle with being "the man" and his status relating to that identity, Sue was/is on the rollercoaster of being forced to take actions to support her family then chase a dream and then see that dream get crushed, Kevin is like Sue except change supporting family to boner stuff, Bobby gets all nihilistic and worries me (but not as much as his friend does :shock: ), and Maureen is the black sheep imo as she could probably do better for herself as an emancipated minor in charge of her own future.

Each season ending episode had a part that was too obvious. In season one it was oh of course there's a fight, the family all has each others back in a fight. Ties that bind. It felt like it was ripped straight out of a Married With Children episode though. And in the end of season two when Frank whips out the condom. I felt a little insulted. Any smart person who watched the show would've immediately thought what I did. That the ol' 1-2-3-BABY trick that Smokey did was in play. By showing that happening it kind of shit on the audience. But at least they threw in a joke that revealed more about Smokey.

Besides the diary reveal towards the end of season 2 the joke that caught me the most off guard was what happened with Bob and especially his fingers after Frank left him for dead at the end of season 1. I don't shock easily when it comes to comedy but that got me to exclaim holy shit.
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