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I've read this amusing series by authors Iain Grant and Heide Goode.

There is some UK centric items which required me to do some googling to get the joke such as "What the hell is a crispy findus pancake?" Beyond that this a rather enjoyable and lighthearted series that pokes fun at bureaucratizes and religious doctrine. It very well could be viewed as sacrilegious as it literally involves Satan being fired from his job, Saint Michael realizing he's rather fabulous, St. Francis and Joan of Arc on a bit of road trip (personally I find St. Francis to be ADORABLE- especially in his attempts to literally get the sheep to lay with lions),

The books in the series thus far are:

1. Clovenhoof (In which Satan gets fired due to shoddy performance from Hell and cast to Earth)
2. Pigeonwings (In which Michael learns to live on earth and creates apps)
3. Satan's Shorts (a collection of short stories)
4. Hellzapoppin' (There is a stairway to earth missing from Hell. Apparently it leads to Wales?)
5. Beelzebelle (In which Clovenhoof decides he wants to adopt kidnap an infant with a helper monkey)
6. Clovenhoof and the Trump of Doom (Clovenhoof meets Trump and Michael really isn't good at planning things)

and Godsquad, which doesn't directly have the main cast of characters involved but most certainly takes place after Pigeonwings and is in the same universe (the aforementioned road trip).

If you aren't familiar with the authors, they've also collaborated on Oddjobs which is a book that involves an agency that has simply accepted that Eldritch creatures are going to take over earth and they are committed to ease everyone into this reality. Bureaucracy meets Lovecraft in the UK.

These books are available on Amazon Unlimited for rental and are rather cheap otherwise. Most of them are 3.99 for the Kindle edition. All in all, rather enjoyable reads.
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