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3 Irritatingly Generic Manga
By Deathclaw_Puncher | Edited by MeatPuppet | 2nd October, 2015 | 6:52 pm | ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings

ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings
According to Sturgeon's Law, 90% of everything is shit (though it goes up to a literal 95% if you live in Germany). Naturally, this rule applies to manga. Check out any scanlation site on the internet, and you'll be sure to find a series that's been ongoing for years, has less than 20 chapters, and has the most generic of plots.

And possibly some tentacles.

Anyway, here are some stupid generic titles that you'll probably only find on Manga Here or something.

Yomeiro Choice
"Choose the color of your wife!" is this six volume series' tagline. The series follows the daily antics of Saku Sakuraga, your average high school student MC who lives with his older cousin Kuran and his stock tsundere childhood friend Karin. One day, he is approached by a young girl named Kiiro, who claims to be his and Karin's daughter from the future. He is then approached by Hiiro, who claims to be the daughter of him and his cousin. Hijinks ensue as he must choose who to start a relationship with, with the consequence of one of his future daughters fading into nothing.

This manga is essentially My Wife is Wagatsuma-san, but with ten-year-old girls instead of time travel-induced Stockholm syndrome.

A handful of other girls claiming to be Sakuraga's daughter soon enter the picture, in hopes of stirring drama while assuming the reader is too moronic to guess the obvious "twist" (he slept around). Much of the hijinks in the manga are fanservice-based, such as the girls devising an Emperor's New Clothes-style pool party or Sakuraga turning into some sort of Harem King who's literally too lazy to take a shit.

Basically this guy, but with a harem.

Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki
Unlike Yomeiro Choice, Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki is actually tolerable. The manga follows a high school kid named Yuuichi Kanba as he forms a relationship with his childhood friend Makio Fujiyama, who's mocked relentlessly on account of her height (181cm, 5'11"). This manga is essentially just like every other seinen romance manga, but what sets it apart is its fanservice.

Because lame pun.

This manga is essentially what happens when a mangaka wants to create an ecchi series on par with To Love-ru or Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution, but doesn't want to be judged for it, so they put all the fanservice through the eyes of the main character. The thing is, you know those dippy birds from that one episode of The Simpsons?


This is basically how Kanba acts around his girlfriend constantly. Seriously, dude, she may be your girlfriend, but there exists such things as mood, time, and place. You may find her attractive, but practically bobbing your head inches from her ass is more than a little creepy. Fujiyama does call him out on it a couple times, but that's how this series gets fanservice, so...... yeah.

One can't help but wonder if Kanba got advice from a romance blog by Dale from Transparent.

A Silent Voice
There is a thing that TV Tropes refers to as "Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy" that essentially boils down to a simple narrative rule: meaningful conflict is the soul of drama. If your story is centered around black and black morality, a generic '90s antihero, or a cosmic horror story with too fast of a pacing, or there's just just no way to sympathize with or care about any element in your story; no one's going to be invested in it. While sometimes it can be pulled off in a horror setting (i.e. anything by Junji Ito), you don't want any of that generic darkness in a slice of life series.

If Senpai doesn't notice her, she will torture him to death. Also, Senpai is a cannibal necrophiliac.

A Silent Voice is a manga that completely refused to be the slightest bit likable. The manga follows Shōya Ishida, a former bully who's trying to make amends with Shōko Nishimiya, a deaf girl he bullied in elementary school out of ignorance. The bullying Nishimiya received escalated to the point where the entire class and even the homeroom teacher was in on it. Ishida eventually snaps and assaults her because he just couldn't grasp how a deaf person is, well, deaf, resulting in her transferring to a special school for the deaf. Ishida's classmates then bully him through middle school, causing him to attempt suicide. He does manage to befriend her, but unfortunately for them, their former classmates have never bothered to move on, with one character turning that up to eleven. Also, most of the side characters are a half-step away from a psychotic breakdown.

To the manga's credit, however, it is a good critique of Japanese society, particularly with what appears to be cultural fears of imperfection and the other. Nishimiya's father abandoned her at a young age because he felt her deafness might harm his family's reputation because reasons, despite the fact the reality that it's likely that no one would fucking care. Her mother spites her and seems to hate the very concept of sign language. Her elementary school classmates and homeroom teacher didn't know how to deal with her, despite the thoroughly enforced efforts of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, and genuinely do not understand why she should need assistance in the classroom. The characters in the manga that are antagonistic towards her seem to actually be threatened by the fact that Nishimiya has a noticeable disability.

Above: The average side character in this manga.

Maybe it's a necessary criticism, but that doesn't mean the story has to be dark for the sake of darkness. The anime Kotoura-San did something similar with a criticism of the necessity of the concept of honne and tatemae, but all the darkness and misery that is Haruka Kotoura's backstory was kept within the first ten minutes of the first episode, not dragged along seven volumes, each averaging around 200 pages in length. And the worst thing about this manga is that there's no real payoff, with an ambiguous ending where nothing really gets resolved.

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