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An Ordinary Subway Ride
By FaceTheCitizen | Edited by aviel | 17th September, 2015 | 6:11 am | The Moped Insurgency

The Moped Insurgency
"StandClearOfTheClosingDoorsPlease" beep boop

Jane jumped in right before the doors closed. She sat down just as the train jolted forward, panting from the exertion of running up the stairs, smiling that she arrived on time.

The train was empty, but for her and a man sitting across from her. Unusual, at this time at night.

The man was a weird-looking one. Skinny, anorexic-like. He looked like he would snap in half if he were to fall. His clothes were too big on him, but given how skinny he was, she imagined even a child's clothes would be. His eyes were wide, almost bug-like, and his fingers were unusually long. Freakishly long.

He was an ugly bastard.

Jane took out her cellphone, and turned on the camera and disabled the flash, making it look like she was just checking her phone.

All she wanted to do was take the picture of the guy and show it to her friends. Nothing wrong with a little fun, right?

She took the picture. However, Jane forgot to turn off the shutter sound effect.

The man whipped his head up to look at Jane. His arms stretched across the train at blinding speed, and before she could utter an excuse, grabbed her cellphone and her hand.

She shrieked and used her free hand to try and pry the man's hand off. The man's fingers grew, coiling around her hand like vines, and grabbing hold of both wrists. She opened her mouth to scream again, but the man's other arm shot out to cover her mouth. His fingers stretched around her and behind her head.

The fingers from both hands continued to grow, wrapping around her body, around her legs and ankles. She was immobilized.

She struggled, but the man's digits might as well have been made of steel wire.

Then he started pulling her towards him. His arms began to retract, pulling her off her seat and dragging her across the floor. She screamed, she cried, but no one else was in the subway car with her.

The man opened his jaw impossibly wide.


The train came to a stop at the next stop. A weird, bug-eyed, fat young man walked out of the train. He stopped by a trash can, removed a lock of brown hair from between his teeth and tossed it inside.

Just another night.

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